Nicole Pepe
Nicole Pepe5 years ago

I love the raspiness of the lead.. This is mixed perfectly .. Voted .. Please check out mine !

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Sasta5 years ago

Hey bro what a good track! You got talent man!You´ve already got my vote. Can you take a look on my track Apocalypse and vote for it if you like it?  Apocalypse (Original Mix)

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Nick Monologg
Nick Monologg5 years ago

Full Support Bro =) I'm VOTED for You! Vote and follow pls too for me  Make It Hot(Original Mix)

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Tony61305 years ago


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Beatbross5 years ago Please vote help us! :D

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Gethix5 years ago

Awesome track! Voted! mind checking out my track?  First Step

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MATRU5 years ago

Voted, good track, keep the good work going on ;) Can I ask you to take a look to my FUTURE-HOUSE track too? I think you'll not regret:  Funky Chemistry (Original Mix)

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FTA5 years ago

I really like your track its good :) Please check out my track  Copycat (Original Mix) Good luck :)

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PARKAH5 years ago

Thanks for your submission! Nice track with some nice elements. The arrangement is a bit too straightforward. Try to work on that. Good luck!

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Miguel Hernandrop

Hi bro, how are you? You have my vote , good track. If you have a few minutes I would like to hear my track and if you like, give me your vote. Thanks for your attention, good luck friend  Miguel HernanDROP - TANGO ( Original Mix) OUT NOW!!

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