This a bigroom house track that we made only for you guys !! Only for music lovers !! Please comment share and VOTE ;)


Quentiin2 years ago

hey friend BEFREE, excellent track you have my #Vote.

l invite you to listen to my track-------(No Return)
and give me your #Vote and comment.

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kushiemonster2 years ago

Awesome track!
Can you check my track "Lunar" too? I'd be very thankful!!

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John Musics
John Musics2 years ago

Wow, very nice track! Definitely voted! Keep it up!!
I would be honored, if you listen to my new track "Tomorrow" and vote, if you like it! :D

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OfficialDYBEC2 years ago

Hi Befree, I heard your Remix and honestly,
I really like the melody you made out of the original song and the arrangement is really cool aswell,The EQ sounds really good and all the sounds are distinguishable, so the mixing is on point!!
it's a well produced track and it will go really far!
It would mean the world if you could check out my remix of 'Feel Good' on my profile!!
Let me know what you think and comment down below that you've voted so that I can vote back!
Thank you!

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Befree2 years ago

Thank u so much but this isn't a remix :D

Score: 0

thats awsome buddy i voted u,plzz vote me back.... listen to my track plz

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Séthi 1er
Séthi 1er2 years ago

hi mate...Your track is so hot & catchy realy , hope you will rise the top , You have my full support...take a look on my new track ( DOG NATURE ) I hope you like it, vote me & support me back thks......

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Gold Kobra2 years ago

Good track, I vote for it. Please check my new track "First" and vote back. Follow me on the SoundCloud and I will follow you back!Good luck!

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Julyan Jerome
Julyan Jerome2 years ago


Please support me back by listening and voting back for my latest track ´Bubbles ´ (My Profile> Tracks> Bubbles) and maybe even let me know what you think about it!´

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B <3

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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem2 years ago

hey bro, it's Léo, and it could be an honor if an DJ/producer
like you could make a feedback about my track "SAY MY NAME",
really want to become better, and feedback with artist like you are really preciois for me!

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Level Dragon
Level Dragon2 years ago

Hello Befree!:D Your track is so good!You have my full support!:D
I voted for you)

Also i would be very thankful if you could vote for my track "Dragon Stone" in return!:D

Best wishes,Lev

Score: 1
BARTØ2 years ago

I really enjoyed it, thanks! Good luck with your music, you have my vote bro - spreading the love! ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪ :)

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James Holland
James Holland2 years ago

Hi there! I like your track and I've left a vote behind. Could you also help me out by voting back for my latest remix of "Feel Good"? I'd appreciate it very much, thank you.

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G-Sauce2 years ago

voted! pls vote back :)

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Max Madd ☑️
Max Madd ☑️2 years ago

Hey Befree, I voted! Take a second to follow my Soundcloud : maxmaddmusic
Good luck!

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Jhox Official
Jhox Official2 years ago

👍👍👍 ¡ ¡ Hey Man ¡¡ ¡ I love your Track.👍👍👍
I love your melody and the power of your drop.🎧TOTALLY VOTED AND SUPPORTED.🎧
👍👍👍 Please support me with your vote for my new TROPICAL FLUTE song that is in the🎵 DEMO RIDE contest.🎵 Thanks man.👍👍👍

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Filippe Uchoa
Filippe Uchoa2 years ago

Very creative drop! Voted(for real)!
Can you vote back for me? i realy apreciate it

Score: 1
Andres Valderrama

I'm Andres Feelvan
Very good track Vote for you and you have my supportIn
return I would like you to vote for my new track "Wooh"
Best wishes

Score: 1
Tomás Pérez Masri

Hi BEFREE, nice track! Absolutely you got my vote, great melody and unique!
Good job with the sounds, everything goes very well with each other.
What's your SoundCloud? I can help you by reposting it!
Please, could you also support me by voting on my last track "Eclipse (Contest)".

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Befree2 years ago

you can go to my spinnin records account and you can find my soundcloud page

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Promo Tracks
Promo Tracks2 years ago

Greetings from Venezuela and we vote for you and we follow you please vote for our track and we are close to the top 10 and thus be the first Venezuelans in spinnin records🌷🌴

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JoeyVasquez2 years ago

Hi from London, I just see your track you posted up just now.,. Very nice mate Voted & Supported!
I worked hard on my track, please vote me also "FIND LOVE PROMO"
your vote is appreciated! check out my track would be great, feedback is good for us! and follow me I follow you back. stay cool good luck.,

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