Feel Good (IrriX Remix)

Felix Jaehn x Mike Williams

Hello there. I'm IrriX and I'm a 16 year old producer. This is my big room remix of "Feel Good" by Felix Jaehn and Mike Williams. I'd appreciate any kind of feedback and criticism . Thanks! (sorry if this remix is not that good because i created it in such a short time so i couldn't figure out much, i'll upload a way better version of it if i win the contest, i can do a lot lot better than this. apologies)


Alle None
Alle None2 years ago

Nice remix voted for you !!
Please listen to my remix:
Bob sinclar & akon - til the sun rise up (Alle None Remix )
and vote back :-)

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V.Aislinn2 years ago

good job bro here is my vote

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Cale Jera
Cale Jera2 years ago

Great Remix! Voted!

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MAHDI2 years ago

v back

Score: 1
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Cadeb Raisine2 years ago

Hey there awesome music, Voted time to vote me for my animals remix

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V.Aislinn2 years ago

voted brother good luck and good job

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WildWolfz2 years ago

Nice! Please check mine and vote back!!

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F!Lka2 years ago

nice remix, my friend!

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BG Musik
BG Musik2 years ago

very unique remix ,,loved it ,,voted..And I'm From India too..Gud to see u making awesome musics

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Am3r1c4nPsycho2 years ago

Great track bro sounds like all the great hits martin garrix does I voted for you

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The Avotrack
The Avotrack2 years ago

good vibe. got voted.
vote my Feel Good Remix too....

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VahambaV Z
VahambaV Z2 years ago

great remix friend, I like your style, voted, you could vote for my song: excluded, (if you like) good luck :)

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AtakanTekin2 years ago

Felix Jaehn X Mike Willia ms - Feel Good(Atakan TekIn Remix)

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Davide Orsi
Davide Orsi2 years ago

Nice Track Man! Can you check out my remix of "TIL THE SUN RISE UP"
and if you want to vote back? Thank so much, Keep it up! ;)

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Djkeka2 years ago

Hey Irrix.. Cool sound.. Keep it up bro;

I Voted it.. If you like please vote for my track "Error 404" too. Thanks man! Good Luck for the future..!

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Blanee2 years ago

VOTED :) Good job! Please listen to my new remix of "Feel Good" and vote back. Thank you

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BN2 years ago

Beksultan Nurgaliev 21 years Kazakhstan, Baikonur musician Fl Studio 12 Hello.
I'm BN and I'm a 21-year-old musician. This is a remix of Tujamo's "feel good" style by artist Felix Jaehn and Mike Williams. I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

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Mumdy2 years ago

done ;) greetz & have a nice weekend

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December 85
December 852 years ago

Thanks for vote.
Good luck;)

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AURARO2 years ago

Voted mate ! Good luck

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