Feel Good (Shafi Saif Khan Remix)

Felix Jaehn x Mike Williams

I HOPE YOU LIKE IT ! and i also want you to listen to it once ! and give me a feedback which can improve my remixes...thanks guys, good luck !


Tebi2 years ago

Great track! I loved it! I leave you my vote! and I invite you to listen to my remix of #DeMusicaLigera and to help me with your vote, if you like follow me on Soundcloud and I follow you! regards!

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Nomadsmusic ✪
Nomadsmusic ✪2 years ago

Great work bro! Liked your track and voted for you!

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Aarav72 years ago

Really good remix! keep up the good work.

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Boog2 years ago

Good track !!!
Vote !

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RedVilla Records
RedVilla Records2 years ago

Love that track ma bruuhh that is just awesome

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Maxim White
Maxim White2 years ago

Good Track! Keep working like that! You aredoing great and thats why you got my vote! Please! Vote also for my track my track That's Right (original mix)

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Kartel2 years ago

Nice Remix ! I voted

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Ivanesss2 years ago


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Priom FTW
Priom FTW2 years ago

Oh man ! Really nice track. I like the way you produce this track. Awesome. I vote for this track.

Please vote my track " KBC "

Good work bro. Nice ! Great

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FLA5HBACK2 years ago

Very Nice Mix! I Voted! Plz have a look to my bob sinclar remix.

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ASnR2 years ago

Great track, mind giving mine a listen? No need to vote or anything just want a bit of feedback so I know what I can improve on, thanks.

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Saison2 years ago

Please check my track. Thanks

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Miatsa2 years ago

Nice work. Please listen to mine, thanks

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Nice one Shafi! U can check my remix too if u want :)

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Voted! great remix
can you vote for my last track MMH?

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DDDave2 years ago

Hi Shafzz!
I was surprised by your cool remix!
wonderful!! Voted for you!!
Please listen to my Remix ''til the sun rise up''
and vote for me if you like it!
Thank you so much!!


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j.a.l.2 years ago

Voted back :)

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Clever Clap
Clever Clap2 years ago

thank you colleague for your support
believe me I am your follower of your music and you will always have my support and my votes

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Bluebatti2 years ago

Really nice remix! You got my vote! :)

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Fred Aaberg & Steve Cruun

Nice Remix Bro ! Voted ;)

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