dreams shattered away


Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem2 years ago

hey bro, it's Léo, and it could be an honor if an DJ/producer
like you could make a feedback about my track "FEEL SO GOOD",
really want to become better, and feedback with artist like you are really preciois for me!

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YORANTY2 years ago

I vote for you!
Would you vote me back, with my remix from the EDX contest?
Good Luck! #YORANTY

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CLBeat2 years ago

Nice track! Think you could give mine a look?
Check out ’Til the sun rise up’ in my contest tab.
Thanks 🙏,

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Gelya Katz
Gelya Katz2 years ago

cellent, I support this. Please vote for my new remix "Loco". Follow me to SoundCloud, and I'll follow you!

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JNTS2 years ago

Hey Great Work!!!Voted and Support!!!!Please check my new Remixtrack cold-

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Marris2 years ago

Very good track. I just voted. Please vote back for me please. Thank you and have a good day!!!!!

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IrriX2 years ago

voted bro! check my supported track list to confirm if i voted! Can i please expect a vote back on my remix of Feel Good? I'd really appreciate that! good luck bro!

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller2 years ago

voted! vote back my The King! thanks! voted! vote back my The King! thanks!Balls!

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Tomás Pérez Masri

Hi, nice track! Absolutely you got my vote, great melody and unique!
Good job with the sounds, everything goes very well with each other.
What's your SoundCloud? I can help you by reposting it!
Please, could you also support me by voting on my last track "Til The Sun Rise Up (Remix)"
Keep It Up, Bro

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Romain Good
Romain Good2 years ago

Hey Srinjoy
Good quality, nice job. Here's my vote!
I would appreciate if you vote back for my track 'Poppin' Balloons With Guns'

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CRPL3D2 years ago

sick track bro!..feelin this one..voted and supported!...can you gimme a vote back on my track "go harder" thanks//

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Teen Wackies
Teen Wackies2 years ago


Please, check my tracks and, if you like them, give me your vote!

Thank you! ^^

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srinjoy2 years ago

ohk...give me time to listen...i will surely do a repost

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N Effect Music
N Effect Music2 years ago

I like this one. The changes and the chord progression and the melody is nice. I hear a lot of elements in this one where I get the sense you are working hard on developing your own sound. I'm gonna vote for this one and ask that you vote back on my track "HORN SONG" and smash that follow button if you like what you hear. Follow me on Sound Cloud and I will follow back for more support and feedback on each other's music. Good Luck!!!!!!

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Séthi 1er
Séthi 1er2 years ago

im here to vote & get votes back & im honnest , You have my real full support...take a look on my new track ( DOG NATURE ) I hope you like it, vote me & support me back thks.....

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Mitch Parker
Mitch Parker2 years ago

Cool stuff Srinjoy, nice one! I voted your track. Will you please vote also to my track "Caught By Surprise"? Thanks! Good luck :)

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Qvarfort & Møller

Cool track!!! really liked the vibe! VOTED! Keep it up:) If you could check out our remix of "Feel Good" and vote back, it would have been awesome!

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Good Sound! ;) vote for vote? if you help me out by voting for my new track called "Your Body" then i will vote for your track in return! Good Lucky for the contest! ;)...

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musicbyvalentin2 years ago

SRINJOY, you have my support!:)

I voted for your track :)

I would really appreciate it, if you could vote back for my latest track!

Good Luck and best Wishes, Valentin

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Alexyz2 years ago

It's good! voted!
could you vote for my track please?

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hey buddy yhats great job i voted u plzz vote me back tnx srinjoy

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