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DURMOON2 years ago

Great remix! Nice one bro! Voted!

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LEO TORREMAN2 years ago

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Eric Vytralix
Eric Vytralix2 years ago

Awesome Remix ๐Ÿ™‚ You've got my vote!

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Thank you very much and have a nice day ๐Ÿค—

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Erick T
Erick T2 years ago

Good bro ... Voted

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So&So2 years ago

This remix does a good job of retaining many of the original song elements as well as adding new flare. In terms of criticisms I'd say 1. you could use a fuller piano synth (more authentic perhaps?) and 2. your strings could definitely use some layers. Maybe add a ciello/viola layer that follows the bassline and turn it down 1 or 2 octaves. Stereo pan them and it'll create a really effective, full ambiance. Be sure to check out my mix too, cheers!

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BRAUNFUFEL2 years ago

Hi bro! I love your Remix, you've done a good job and I know you've put a lot of effort into it.

Score: 1
Magnus Mykleby
Magnus Mykleby2 years ago

Awesome synths :) voted for you! be sure to check out my remix aswell. Thanks!

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Shahin Shantiaei
Shahin Shantiaei2 years ago

Hey you did a good job!
I enjoyed a lot and voted!.
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Andrewq2 years ago

You did a really nice job on your remix!
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Thank you so much!

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NERV3UM2 years ago

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D-Lux2 years ago

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Dhanys2 years ago

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Blanee2 years ago

VOTED :) Good job! Please listen to my new remix of "We Can't Give Up" and vote back. Thank you..

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Hlx2 years ago

Nice remix!
Good Luck !

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Conor McSherry
Conor McSherry2 years ago

Voted! Can you check out my remix of champagne? Thanks,

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ThaGrooveJunkeez2 years ago

Yoranty, your remix sounds cool, but I miss something unique, thats why I didn't vote.
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Keep groovin'!

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DJ Riddum
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MitchJ2 years ago

Nice remix man, Voted!

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Golax2 years ago

Voted! (you can check it). Good luck with the contest!. Like the part with the strings around 03:00. I've done also a remix of this track, could you listen to it and vote It? Thanks.

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X152 years ago

Hi there ;) Voted ! Hear my new track Stories Of The Night and say what you think.


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