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OfficialDYBEC2 years ago

Hello BLACK 4 WHITE , Your track is very interesting, I really like the synth you used and the chords in the break, what plugin did you use?
I really like the EQ you used, and the mixing is really good!! Keep it up!
It would mean the world if you could check out my remix of 'Feel Good' and my new track 'Let's Rock' on my profile!!
Let me know what you think and comment down below that you've voted so that I can vote back!
Thank you!

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T*O*M*S2 years ago

❤nice work fantastik sound voted !!
please vote my new tune T'O'M'S - Red Pyxxel))

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Alle None
Alle None2 years ago

Nice remix voted for you !!
Please listen to my remix:
Bob sinclar & akon - til the sun rise up (Alle None Remix )
and vote back :-)

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Citna2 years ago

dope track!
really unique!
Voted and supported
and keep going!!!

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Level Dragon
Level Dragon2 years ago

Hello Black 4 White!You know your track is really AWESOME!Voted,keep working!:D

Also I will be very thankful if you will check my latest track "Dragon Stone"!

Thank you so much bro!
Good luck and all the best wishes,Lev Dragon

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DURMOON2 years ago

Liked intro! Cool song, voted!

Also please vote for my "EDX - We Can't Give Up" remix, i'm sure you'll like it, waiting for your vote <3

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Gelya Katz
Gelya Katz2 years ago

Good work! I like it alot, I support it! Please check out my remix on "Nervo" and vote back. Follow me on SoundCloud and I will follow you back!

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shafzz2 years ago

Nice one BALCK 4 WHITE !! I like it...
Voted 100% !!
Can you pls vote for my remix (FEEL GOOD)

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Tomás Pérez Masri

Hi, nice track! Absolutely you got my vote, great melody and unique!
Good job with the sounds, everything goes very well with each other.
What's your SoundCloud? I can help you by reposting it!
Please, could you also support me by voting on my last track "Til The Sun Rise Up (Remix)"
Keep It Up, Bro

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Rich Robbyn
Rich Robbyn2 years ago

Hi dude!!
Great track bro, amazing Synths, I love it!!
Voted and Supported!! (Check your XP)
Please check my remix TIL THE SUN RISE UP and help me with your Vote.
Best wishes

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Julian Mars
Julian Mars2 years ago

Cool Drop and Fantastic Work, I Love It...Voted!!
Can you please support my remix?, and if you like it please leave a vote.
Regards and Good Day.

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djfuriouss2 years ago

INCREDIBLE!! VOTED!! Can you please vote for my track to the sky???

Good Luck!!

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djfuriouss2 years ago

INCREDIBLE!! VOTED!! Can you please vote for my track to the sky???


Good Luck!!

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James Holland
James Holland2 years ago

Hi there! I like your track and I've left a vote behind. Could you also help me out by voting back for my latest remix of "Feel Good"? I'd appreciate it very much, thank you!

Score: 0
SHARKZ2 years ago

Good job, boy. Vote for you. You certainly have talent. I also hope your vote and comment for my new song ¨EMPIRE¨

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SweatyMushroomz2 years ago

Hey dude, I love your song. I voted (for real). Can you please check out my new track "Patched" Thanks and good luck!!!! :) :)

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Kill Party
Kill Party2 years ago

i voted check out and vote as well for my track RR2017 thanks

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JFB2 years ago

Good work!!! Maybe you need to check the sounds and eq some of them, but the track is good!!! Voted!
Voted! I would like you to vote my song "Impulses", please.
Thank you and good luck BLACK 4 WHITE

Score: 1
Star Combiner
Star Combiner2 years ago

Voted & Supported!!

Check my latest tracks ''Broken'' and vote if you can! :)

Score: 0
Jurgen Frees
Jurgen Frees2 years ago

Good job!! Voted!
Please check and vote on my remix
Good luck!

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