Thank you to Yara for those amazing vocals. Enjoy ! Soundcloud: Twitter: Facebook: Photo by Joshua Earle


Neon Ace
Neon Ace2 years ago

Hi, nice track! Absolutely you got my vote, great melody and unique!
Good job with the sounds, everything goes very well with each other.
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Keep It Up, Bro

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OfficialDYBEC2 years ago

Hey EFTI TAYDE,I've listened to your track and the idea isn't bad at all, I would change some parts of your track, like the arrangment of
some sounds but overall the mix sounds pretty clean and powerfull, especially the drop!!!
It would mean the world if you could check out my new Remix for NERVO ft Chief Keef 'Champagne' on my profile!!
Let me know what you think and comment down below that you've voted so that I can vote back!
Thank you so very much!!

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Mark Lexo
Mark Lexo2 years ago

Great mix!!! Nice job!!! Voted and supported!!! Vote me back if you like my Wild Child!!!!!!!

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heyoka2 years ago

voted :) vote back for bobine tesla))))))

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manuelderuijter2 years ago

Hey, Nice track! Voted! please listen to my new track ''Chasin''

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FatihCitak2 years ago

Gonna try and provide you with some honest feedback on this one. 1st off, I am going to vote for you on this one and hope that in return you will vote on my track “Typhus”. I really like this tune you got here, it’s unique in its own way. I hear a lot of key elements in this one where I get the vibe that you are trying to create your own sound and that’s a good thing in this industry and especially will make you stand out in this Talent Pool, so I hope you do well. If you like what you hear, smash that follow button and if you want to continue to support each-other’s work, follow me on Sound Cloud and I will follow back so we can continue to provide each-other with feedback and support. You can also follow me on twitter as well, my twitter link is on my Sound Cloud page. Check my track '' Typhus'' Much respect and Good Luck!!!!!

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CLBeat2 years ago

Nice track! Think you could give mine a look?
Check out ’We Can’t Give Up’ in my contest tab.
Thanks 🙏🙏🙏.

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L3SIZMO2 years ago

Great track, good mix! I VOTED! Hope you Win, good luck!
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Many thanks!

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T*O*M*S2 years ago

'super work fantastik sound voted
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zchrader2 years ago

Wow 👍🗳️😊
- 🐯🎧🔥

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Doub7e2 years ago

Nice!! Supp for sure!! If u want listen my new single “lion”!! :)

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Spe5tre2 years ago

remind m of my memories. dope. vote you. if you could vote me back

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LISTØN2 years ago

Great job! I'm sure that you will go far. I'll see you in the top 100.

If you could check out my latest track SHOCKWAVES that would be really appreciated.

Best wishes for the future.


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DvrkVce & Lady EM

Cool track!!
Good vibes! Amazing sound!
You have our vote and full support!!
Please, Vote back our last track "Wind it Up"
Thank you so much and good luck!!

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DONXIRRAGS2 years ago

Love you’re song man. Voted for sure. Could you let me know what you think of my song.

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mueenmusix2 years ago

It's awesome track nice work deserves my vote >>>>>
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DURMOON2 years ago

Amazing song bro! Nice one! Voted!

Vote for my remix "KSHMR & HARDWELL – POWER [Durmoon Remix]", i'm sure you'll like it, waiting for your vote <3

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