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Solømøno2 years ago

Dope track! I voted :) Could you vote back my "Wolves" Remix? Thanks!

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Matthew Diatrix
Matthew Diatrix2 years ago

Gonna try and provide you with some honest feedback on this one. 1st off, I am going to vote for you on this one and hope that in return you will vote on my track “Lion’s Appeal”. I really like this tune you got here, it’s unique in its own way. I hear a lot of key elements in this one where I get the vibe that you are trying to create your own sound and that’s a good thing in this industry and especially will make you stand out in this Talent Pool, so I hope you do well. If you like what you hear, smash that follow button and if you want to continue to support each-other’s work, follow me on Sound Cloud and I will follow back so we can continue to provide each-other with feedback and support. You can also follow me on Spotify asl well, my Spotify link is on my Sound Cloud page. Check my track '' Lion’s Appeal'' Much respect and Good Luck

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Erland S.
Erland S.2 years ago

I love your work My vote is yours!!!!!!

I also invite you to listen to my #Crusade track and earn your vote.

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DvrkVce & Lady EM

Cool track! Good job!
Good vibes! Amazing sound!
You have our vote and full support!!
Please, Vote back our last track "Wind it Up"
Thank you so much and good luck!

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Neon Ace
Neon Ace2 years ago

Hi, nice track! Absolutely you got my vote, great melody and unique!
Good job with the sounds, everything goes very well with each other.
What's your SoundCloud? I can help you by reposting it!
Please, could you also support me by voting on my track "BREAK MY HEART".
Keep It Up, Bro

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Kyme2 years ago

just search my name on SoundCloud ;)

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BlairGormal2 years ago

Great song voted, vote back please! 2

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Mata2 years ago

Nice track 👏 VOTED 👏 Listen to my new song Thrill thank you 🎧🖐

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Christh2 years ago

O-M-F-G thats great ! ._. Keep working

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Kyme2 years ago

Thx Bro! :D why don't you vote?

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Elizaveta Vladi
Elizaveta Vladi2 years ago

Good track, I vote for it. Please vote for my new remix "Champagne". Follow me on SoundCloud, and I'll follow you!

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D4VI4N2 years ago

Nice song. Voted.
Please take a look to my remix "CHAMPAGNE CHAMPAGNE CHAMPAGNE CHAMPAGNE" and vote if you like it.
Thank you for your support. Just leave a comment if you need my help.(vote + support)
Thank you so much and good luck!

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Zebrasca2 years ago

Could you listen my last track "Let Me Go" and vote for it if you like it?
Thank you and good luck!

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