Hi everyone this is my new song . I hope u will like it . Thank u for all supports .


S0MP2 years ago

voted ! good job ^_^! good luck :D

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Lenny Flaid
Lenny Flaid2 years ago

Very good track, voted!

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Isuru Fernando
Isuru Fernando2 years ago

voted! nice track

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Angel Beats
Angel Beats2 years ago

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Deleteddd2 years ago

amazing track!!!!! keep going!!! voted!!! please vote for my new song ---- -------------> DRSSN - KILL THOSE BEATS

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SamShuk2 years ago

Thats amazing !!

Please vote for my track "Power"

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Bargus2 years ago

Nice track bro i love it and voted. Look my latest track ''Monster Baby'' and vote please :))

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Erinc Erkmen2 years ago

nice dude :)

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MSF2 years ago

Voted! ;) Nice song! Can you vote for my remix "Firestarter" please?

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Ogumus2 years ago

Nice music..

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AWSM12 years ago

nice track, vote

I hope you also support me,with my new track Space Station
By giving feedback to my music thank you very much
And good luck!!!

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18156913987287972 years ago

Nice music

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14814663386268782 years ago

Nice music 👍

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roderick allcon
roderick allcon2 years ago

buena mezcla podríamos trabajar via mail

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Matt Dore
Matt Dore2 years ago

Voted! Awesome track! :)

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Giio.2 years ago

great you have my vote please vote for my track (Trobi - Live it)-

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Jonny Joel
Jonny Joel2 years ago

Nice track.. even if you do random posts :)

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Dj Miko's
Dj Miko's2 years ago

Voted ! ;) Nice song ! Can you vote for my remix "Power" please? :)

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TNKOS2 years ago

voted! please vote back for our Hardwell & Kshmr - Power (Tnkos & Merlin Remix). Would highly appreciate it! :).

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Runalo2 years ago

Firstly, I really like your concept. Intro is awesome...
Melody is too good man...
And Drop 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯❤
Keep going up bro...
I really like uh track supported

Please check out my remix of POWER. I hope you like it. If you like my work please do vote for me.

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Let's support each other
Good luck,

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