vote and give feedback please.


Mateo Ramos
Mateo Ramos2 years ago

Hello friend, I voted
If it's not too much trouble, I want you to tell me how is my song "Awake" and give me your vote and approval if so, let me know{{

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KIDDO2 years ago

sounds great bro! nice one! I voted your track. Will you please vote also to my track “Check Out”? Thanks! Good luck :)

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mueenmusix2 years ago

You've my support and vote bro:)

would you just take a second to check my new track "Keep Your Head Up (Mueen Musix Remix)" I hope you would like it and vote for me back!!

Thanks you and good luck..Ⓜ️Ⓜ️

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IrriX2 years ago

hey brother, I've dropped a vote for your track to help you out and I'd also follow you back on SoundCloud if you follow, we are here to help each other and grow so let's help each each to get to the top! so , please vote back on my track "Dark City". I'd really appreciate it.

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Math Cost
Math Cost2 years ago

Hi Bro ! Great track ! 😜 I vote for you.
Could you vote for my song with TROBI please ? 🙏🏼
If you like it, Follow me on SoundCloud, and I'll follow you ! :Pv''

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OfficialVoltex2 years ago

Good work! You have my vote! If you can vote on my new track 'Voltex & Trobi - Hands Up' I'd really appreciate it! You have my support!! :)

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Serdar Bingol
Serdar Bingol2 years ago

Hi ARCHIE . Nice song . Good work . Voted. 
Composition is nice .You can do be better . Keep going .Don't give up . Good Luck . Voted. 
If you have time, listen to my new song. Thanks .
Serdar Bingol - Mountain(Orginal Mix) (New Song)

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Drake Drees.
Drake Drees.2 years ago

Amazing track ! I like drop is awesome! You have my vote!

Check my track "Dreams" and support it if you want.
You can follow me on Soundcloud and i will follow you back!..........

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Future Dawn
Future Dawn2 years ago

Hey, ARCHIE! I love the unique sound, you have my vote! If you have time could you check out my latest track? Have a good day! :)

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The_Waverer2 years ago

Voted! I will be glad if you could vote my remix of 'Power' too !

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Cikmo2 years ago

Hi. I really liked this! You earned a vote!
Would you like to also check out my new remix of Kygo's "This Town" and if you like it, give it a vote?
I would really appreciate it!!!

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Nicolas Paz
Nicolas Paz2 years ago

Voted, Sounds amazing! Anyways, could you give a listen at my last track? and if possible let me know if it is of your liking. ¿VOTE x VOTE


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ope62 years ago

voted good track you can vote my track is called trump thanks.

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RANZHA2 years ago

Hi, I will vote for you
I hope you can help me too
I need your vote in my song Power (RANZHA Remix)
Good luck

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Elizaveta Vladi
Elizaveta Vladi2 years ago

Good track, I vote for it. Please vote for my new remix "Hardwell & KSHMR - Power". Follow me on SoundCloud, and I'll follow you!

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Elizaveta Vladi
Elizaveta Vladi2 years ago

Good track, I vote for it. Please vote for my new remix "Hardwell & KSHMR - Power". Follow me on SoundCloud, and I'll follow you!

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Harpsea2 years ago

Hello, Reaching Out For Support & To Grow A Network
If You Have Time Follow Me On Soundcloud I'll Follow Back.
Also, I Can Repost A Track For You If You Message Me On Soundcloud.
I Do Not Have A Huge Following But It Can Help. #GOODLUCK

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TEAMMBL2 years ago

Archie we promote & repost music every week 100% for free to our 100,000+ followers! To submit your track: Use the link at the top of our Spinnin’ profile or message us @teammbl on SoundCloud! We look forward to hearing your music! From: musicbyLUKAS (TEAMMBL Co-Founder).

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TEAMMBL2 years ago

Voted Archie!! :)

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G-Sauce2 years ago

voted ! pls vote back :)

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