Too Funky


Some Funky Bass House, still in search of that release.


BJAXX2 years ago

Definitely Voted!. Vote For My Track Bouncy J

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Antoine Mariel
Antoine Mariel2 years ago

Hi there. Good job! I have left a vote for your track. Could you vote back for my latest track, "IDIAN BREATH" please? Thank you!!

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Oliver Young
Oliver Young2 years ago

Great track! VOTED. Please VOTE back on my latest remix, that would help alot!🙏🏽

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S.O.F2 years ago

I listened to your track it's cool, you have the talent for making music. I like your work.

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Fyodor Von
Fyodor Von2 years ago

Voted!!!!I like!

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Borche2 years ago

Voted back

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Ansh1232 years ago

Amazing song mate voted please have a look on my track hope u will like it!!

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Balch2 years ago

Awesome track! Amazing work !! I vote for you !!!!Good luck, hang up !!!***** good vibes !!!!!!

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Hanci2 years ago

Great track voted !vote back my elinde su!!!

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Dj Matvey
Dj Matvey2 years ago

Hi !!! I have left a vote for your track

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kra4os2 years ago

Wooow good work! Voted can you help me With mi track BE LEGEND? B-)

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Total Sampler
Total Sampler2 years ago

Hello Ladies and Gentleman ! Check out my stuff and let Our Journey begin ! Thanks ;)

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Mark Conway
Mark Conway2 years ago

Hey bro! I like your Track so I wanna Invite you to Check out my new remix "Keep Your Head Up (mark conway remix)" and leave a vote
Thank you and good luck

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Swannn2 years ago

nice work you got my vote

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STOP MOON2 years ago

good song, i voted

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kiky2 years ago

Goood track , NEFFECT , you Funky
dont forget , vote my track "BIG CULTURE" :)

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Ulan2 years ago

Hi there! I have left a vote for your track. Could you vote back for my latest track, "Swine" please? Thank you...

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Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross2 years ago

hi bro i like track good sound ... please vote me Andrew Ross - Example

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Dj Vaios Z
Dj Vaios Z2 years ago

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J-Rob MD
J-Rob MD2 years ago

nice work man, Voted back and followed you as well, would love a follow back if you dig what I'm doing, thanks!

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