Rasmus Jüri Lõhmus; FL Studio


Math Cost
Math Cost2 years ago

Hi Bro ! Great track ! 😜 I vote for you.
Could you vote for my song with TROBI please ? 🙏🏼
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Swimpereira2 years ago

Cool track, nice piano and vocal!! voted for you. My new remix is LOVE IS , have a listen and vote if you like it . Thanks. Keep rockin!!!

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller2 years ago

voted! vote back my EVERLASTING! thanks! follow my SPOTIFY! thanks!x

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CRPL3D2 years ago

sick track man!..feelin this one..voted and supported!...can you gimme a vote back on my track "let it go" thanksc

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Solømøno2 years ago

Really nice track!! I voted :) Please vote back my new track "Airborne"!

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N Effect Music
N Effect Music2 years ago

A little bit of honest feedback for you on this one. I like the chord progression and the melody on this track. I can hear where you are working on developing your own sound and it sounds great. Keep heading in that direction, you definitely have my vote and support. In return please vote back for my track “TOO FUNKY” and follow me on Sound Cloud if you like what you hear. Good luck on your journey and much success to you! !!!!!!!!!

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Deluxer jaker
Deluxer jaker2 years ago

......oye amigo voto por ti te deceo lo mejor y que tengas muchos exitos en la vida
quiero que votes por mi tema (SHOW TIME) por favor lo necesito realmente quiero cumplir mi sueño a lo igual que tu apoyame y te apoyare mucho
somos la misma familia suerte y mil gracias

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T4URON2 years ago

good job! It's a very sticky track! I hope you are in the top 10! Voted, luck! Please you can listen to my music "T4URON - GOODBYE (Extended Mix)" and vote if you like. Thank you!!! ! !

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Giio.2 years ago

great you have my vote please vote for my track (Trobi - Live it)

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RANZHA2 years ago

I will vote for your song.
I hope you can do the same for my POWER remix.
I would really appreciate it
luck in the talent pool.

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Smitty Jensen
Smitty Jensen2 years ago

BRO¡¡ Nice track Voted.

Please vote for my new song CRAZY SMITTY JENSEN & TROBI Thanks you¡¡¡¡¡.

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FizzBoii2 years ago

Voted! Dope track, think you could vote for my track “Awake”?!?

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FizzBoii2 years ago

Voted! Dope track, think you could vote for my track “Awake”??

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Ro Revrock
Ro Revrock2 years ago

voted !
please vote for vote..
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it's a great electro house tune beauty from Rorevrock ...
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E*T*M records
E*T*M records2 years ago

awsome work nice tune 🔥 VOTED 👏 !!!
please VOTE my production :
T'O'M'S - Aquanarya

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Sinkes Kennedy
Sinkes Kennedy2 years ago

great job

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VΛSKO2 years ago

Nice track dude! I like your vibes! You have my Vote
Check me track "Silence" and Vote it! Your Vote is important
Also you can follow me on SoundCloud and I will follow you back

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2Hounds2 years ago

Hey Bro , your track is really good. We love the leads , the effects and the bassline.
But now we need your help 🙏
We are second in “Power” Remix contest!!!!
We must be first 🤜🤛


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Dj Miko's
Dj Miko's2 years ago

Voted ! ;) Nice track ! Can you vote for my remix "Power" please ? :)

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ReyMod.com2 years ago

VOTED! GREAT TRACK! , and only if you like my job then vote because i want true votes and I invite you to follow me on twitter @reymod77

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