This is my remix of forbidden voices. No spam, just enjoy.


FURIAWHITE2 years ago

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N Effect Music
N Effect Music2 years ago

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Teen Wackies
Teen Wackies2 years ago

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Beautiful song brother ///

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Sxul2 years ago

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Deluxer jaker
Deluxer jaker2 years ago

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mil gracias

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Deleteddd2 years ago

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Ey Brother I listened a part of the song (You know, I'm trying to do a review of all the tracks that are uploaded here and is hard listen whole) but I can say: It's Amazin! Listening the drop, I'd only add a little more ratio-compression to the kick and I'd put it in 55Hz to make more suitable with the bass. Overall the background (Pad) and the Lead sound perfect. I believe that give a emotional and thrilling sensation on whole song. You definitely have my vote!

Here’s a little feedback for you on this one. I love the melody and the chord progression on this track. The dynamics are very cool. I am definitely going to give you my vote on this one. I am also curious to know if you make the music or the melody 1st? I hope you will vote back on my track “HAVANA” and take a listen and let me know what you think. You can also follow me on Sound Cloud and I will follow back ASAP for continued support. Good Luck to you!!!!!

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G-Sauce2 years ago

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Thahanee2 years ago

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Antoine Mariel
Antoine Mariel2 years ago

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Max Madd ☑️
Max Madd ☑️2 years ago

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DJ MAZA2 years ago

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Math Cost
Math Cost2 years ago

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James Holland
James Holland2 years ago

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Ro Revrock
Ro Revrock2 years ago

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Smitty Jensen
Smitty Jensen2 years ago

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Jaime Asuro
Jaime Asuro2 years ago

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Ali Salahov
Ali Salahov2 years ago

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VΛSKO2 years ago

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