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Wizard PL

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Julyan Jerome
Julyan Jerome2 years ago


Btw, my latest track ‘Curfew’ has just been released on ‘Active Melody Music’ (199k subscribers on Youtube) and has reached almost 10k views within a week. It is a great channel to release music on for medium and starting producers, you can check both Active Melody and my track here, they are now accepting submissions:

youtube .com/watch?v=V0pT3BA7HFI

If you like the track I would be very grateful if you also shared the video with your friends!

Good luck!


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SolDin2 years ago

Dobry kawałek, odezwij sie na soundcloud ;)

You have my Support!
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Taius2 years ago

Awesome one!! :) supported and voted
Please vote back on my latest song "Dovakhiin"
Thanks, have a nice day and good luck !

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Domens (Official)

Really like this one, man!
Please help me by voting my "Piñata" remix, check it on my profile!
Thanks in advance and good luck!

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Qvarfort & Møller

DUDE! This track is awesome! VOTED FOR YOU!!! If you could vote back for our remix of «Keep your head up» it would be awesome!! Thanks<3

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Antoine Mariel
Antoine Mariel2 years ago

Hi there. Good job! I have left a vote for your track. Could you vote back for my latest track, "IDIAN BREATH" please? Thank you !

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E*T*M records
E*T*M records2 years ago

nice work beautifule sound 🔥 VOTED 👏 !

please VOTE my new tune :
T'O'M'S - 25

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Dj Datz
Dj Datz2 years ago

so good!!

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Nersu Dj Show
Nersu Dj Show2 years ago

I like the melody of your drop, I voted for you, I hope you also vote for my new Track "AURORA"!!

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Thomas Grey
Thomas Grey2 years ago

Wowww brotheerrr!!! Insaneee trackkk! I like it so much! Really original. Had a lot of fun listening to this track! I listened to a part of the song & It feels well mixed and produced and a lot Groovy as well :D . Nice feeling in the drop and the melody is very cool. Maybe i will play this song at the club this weekend.

I voted for your track because I like it so much & Maybe you should be soon in the TOP of Spinnin'!!!.

and definitly you have strong skill to produce music. although it would be even better if you could get the kick to stick out a little bit more! But Really, Congratulations!

I have btw some questions for you to answer… What do you think about my music style? And Do you know any tips for vocals?

I try really hard to vote n' support everyone, and If you have a couple minutes enter to my profile and vote for my latest song "Catch Up" and let me know what you think about it and that would be amazing too! You can also follow me on SoundCloud and I will follow back ASAP for continued support. Good luck!!!!!

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Ro Revrock
Ro Revrock2 years ago

voted !!
please vote for vote....
i've got a new track on soundcloud called: Blue Heaven..
it's a great edm song from Rorevrock ..
hope you will like and share it
vote for me and leave a comment, i will vote back if you comment and have voted for me.

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RONGGAR2 years ago

Nice ! Cool Drop! Voted !
Could you please vote & check my track " You & I (Original Mix) " Thanks !

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BARTØ2 years ago

Hey! :) I really enjoyed it! Thanks! Good luck with your music - you definitely have my vote!!

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Poor gUY
Poor gUY2 years ago

pls vote back for my new remix of pinata!!!
thanks !!!!

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mueenmusix2 years ago

Good job awesome track bro I have supported and voted your track...👍
check out my track "Keep Your Head Up (Mueen Musix Remix)" and If you like then vote it.
Thank you and good luck keep shining!!!!

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Denis Rostovsky
Denis Rostovsky2 years ago

ce track, I vote for it. Please check my new track "Anxious Portrait" and vote back. Follow me on SoundCloud and I will follow you back!

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Ali Salahov
Ali Salahov2 years ago

Voted!!! Please, vote back my last track "Pinata (Ali Salahov & AgaS remix)"

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CHET4N2 years ago

Hey Wizard, you are seriously an awesome producer with some great production skills loved your work and uffff your bass lines , you nailed it you got my vote man. Now it's your turn, go vote my track INNER TALK and gimme some feedbacks in it. Ty have a great time.

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Azault2 years ago

I really like your track
Cool melody
Good vibes
So you have my vote and support!
Please vote back my track "Police" and let me know what you think about it 
Thank you so much and good luck:)

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AUZTN2 years ago

Hey! Nice track! Voted. Can you vote my song "HIGHER"? Thanks!

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