Keep Your Head Up (MD Remix)

Lucas & Steve x Firebeatz ft. Little Giants

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D4VI4N2 years ago


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Thorsten Fuchs
Thorsten Fuchs2 years ago

Hello bro ...... your mix is great ...... Vote for vote .......
good luck

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Beex22 years ago

Good remix! Mind checking out my "You & I" remix? I vote back!

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teodulo2 years ago

hi bro I have listening that remix and I have to say I really like your style
i start following you
congratulations bro
voted for sure
please check my latest track and tell me what do you think it will be a honor for me

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MD3SIGN2 years ago

I VOTED FOR YOU, CAN YOU VOTE BACK ON MY NEW SONG CALLED "OBS3SSION"? Thank you anyways and good luck :)

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DJ SUITE2 years ago

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Lazy-Cat2 years ago

Nice Track! Voted !
Could you please vote & check my track " You & I (Lazy-Cat Remix) " Thanks !

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Orchester2 years ago

gr8 song man. voted. It would be awesome if you too could vote for my remix of the same song, which is the latest song on my profile good luck!!!!

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edm by axel
edm by axel2 years ago

WOW!!!!!!!!!!AMAZING REMIX!!!!!good work👏👏👏i left you a vote !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😉could you please vote back my remix,we need to support each other😉👍good luck and keep the good work👍👍👍also thanks and happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎉🎉🎉

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Mr Drizzle
Mr Drizzle2 years ago

Nice drop bro! Really energetic. Voted for you! If you like my remix pls vote back.

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JIMMI2 years ago

HEY Bro , Definitely have me VOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Such a nice work you have here (y)
Take a minute and vote for my Remix ( KEEP YOUR HEAD UP )
KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ;) ..............

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BeatMaster Slim
BeatMaster Slim2 years ago

Cool track! Voted! :) Please vote for my track: Magnetic Moxie!

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LAST LANTERN2 years ago

Hey bro
Merry Christmas
Nice track
Loved it..
You have my vote
Could you please check out my new remix"GOLD SKIES"...
Plz have a listen..and vote for me. thanks.

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D.A.N2 years ago

Very nice remix :) Voted :) Check my remix of Pinata and vote if you like it :)

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller2 years ago

Voted! Vote back my TOGETHER! Thanks!oo

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Priyanku Rahang
Priyanku Rahang2 years ago

Hey MD ,

I love the way made the track with the catchy lead and chords

I think you just did it bro

Cause your music sounds really great like one of those spinnin artists

Perhaps,check out my new house music called Sea Shell and if you loved it comment on it

Any comments will be taken as a feedback

And yes don't forget to leave a vote since I left a Vote in yours too


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Daniel Redix
Daniel Redix2 years ago

Hears! :) Good track. You have won my vote! :) Visit my New Remix of Lucas Steve x FireBeatz ft Little Giants - Keep your head up. And vote if you want Thank you.

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Hexit Music
Hexit Music2 years ago

Nice Remix! Voted! Could vote for my remix "PIÑATA" please? Thank you

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Hexit Music
Hexit Music2 years ago

Nice Remix! Voted! Could vote for my remix "PIÑATA" please? Thank you

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metinakar2 years ago

Vote for vote? If you vote for my remix track "Pinata" , I'll be back. If you follow me, i'll follow back you! ;)

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