"My Song Is The Answer" is my first single, which combines a calm and romantic breakdown with a powerful Dutch house in the style of "Spinnin' Records". I really love music from "Spinnin" and I hope to release a couple of tracks in their label. And while I am gaining experience, please listen and rate my track, because "my song is the answer." Happy New Year my friends!


ZUFLIH1 year ago

hi elizaveta :D voted :D can you please listen to my track "Mirage Party" and let me know what you think about it :D or you can leave a vote if you like :D

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MOUSA1 year ago


Please, check out my new remix "You & I", Give it your vote if you like it!

Thank you!!

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B£@T M@K£R$
B£@T M@K£R$1 year ago

Voted , listened and loved bro Hit me back
Its good Karma

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MD3SIGN1 year ago

I VOTED FOR YOU, CAN YOU VOTE BACK ON MY NEW SONG CALLED "OBS3SSION"? Thank you anyways and good luck :)

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✪ ᴰᴶ Tuncay Albayrak ✪

I like it so much! Really original. Had a lot of fun listening to this track! I listened to a part of the song & It feels well mixed and produced and a lot Groovy as well :D . Nice feeling in the drop and the melody is very cool.

like your style .. I vote for you and I hope that you arrive at least to the top 10 ... good track .. your sound is different from the other you're really fabulous ...

I really enjoyed it! Thanks! Good luck with your music - you definitely have my vote!!!

You can follow me on Youtube!...

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N Effect Music
N Effect Music1 year ago

Just listened to your track all I can say is DAMN! The dynamics, the melody, the way the sound progresses and captures your attention. I love it, you got my vote for sure! Please vote back for my track “DIRTY BASS” and leave a comment or some feedback if you can. If you like my sound, follow me on Sound Cloud for so much more new music to come. If you ever want to send me something to listen to through Sound Cloud, please don’t hesitate to do so. I’m no professional but we can all use a 2nd set of ears and a 2nd oppinion. Much respect and good luck to you!!!!!!

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ZCHRADER1 year ago

Beautiful vibe 🔥

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Ahad Khan
Ahad Khan1 year ago

Awesome track. Voted! Please vote back my track "Follow"

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musicbyvalentin1 year ago

ELIZAVETA VLADI, let's help each other out!:)

You have my support and i would really appreciate it, if you could vote back my new track "Krypton" in return.

Best Wishes,


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tHe Caretaker
tHe Caretaker1 year ago

Hey cool and fresh track! You got my vote! Please check my remix contest “ Lucas&Steve Keep Your Head Up“ and vote me back or write a comment if you like it! Thanks

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D4VI4N1 year ago

Nice track. VOTED. This is amassing girl. Very good.
Please listen to my remix "You & I - D4VI4N Special Remake" and leave a comment if you like.
Thank you for your support.

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Shock Audio
Shock Audio1 year ago

Voted!! Vote back my Calm Ocean ! Thanks !!!

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DOVER1 year ago

Hi!, well... I believe in mutual support so, I'm gonna be honest, I recently voted your song, could you vote mine too? DOVER & VINO - BETTER DAY , i'll really appreciate it! (If you don't believe me, check out my supported tracks you'll definitely find your song there)... You will definitely like the cool melody of my track!!

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°°Burn666°°1 year ago

hi there :)
I checked your track and vote for it,got my support!:) .. would u be so nice and check out my Track "CHANGE MY MIND" and set your vote when u like it? THX a lot!

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BITZ ✪1 year ago

I really enjoyed it!
Good luck with your music...you definitely have my vote!!(check it on my supported tracks)

i need a favour can you vote back my track "Weekend Riot"
and also you can follow me, i will follow you back!

Keep working hard on your music , make more tracks for sure and practice.
Good Luck!.................................

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DJ Remy Star
DJ Remy Star1 year ago

Great! voted! pls vote for my remix "Keep Your Head Up"!

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RiZLiX1 year ago

voted! lovely vox and production! if you could check out my latest remix of 'you & I' and vote if you like it, that would be much appreciated!

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Dusty Jay & Chuscovic

Hey Eliza , how are you ? You make an excelent track ! Bass is good and nice lead ! a lot of quality in this track !!!
Voted to show you my support !
If you want you can check ma last track (Summertime) and if you like it you can vote (really apreciated) for me and leave me your feedback :) have a nice day bro !

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WALTk ✪1 year ago

Thats straight fire! Definitely got my vote, I hope to see you in top 10 definitely deserve it!
Keep doing your thing, good Luck!

Btw if you culd vote back for my track "Lions Cage" it wuld be awesome!

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