The past summer has been a crazy ride for me, so much that happened. Inspired by that I put all my thoughts into this track, but I feel like it's missing something ツ so I'm searching for Vocals for this one ツ I'm always looking forward to recommendations on what to do better ツ so please let me know what you think about this track. A bit like Mura Masa


Alcatraz Electro

voted and followed,

love it

pls vote for my new track 'dont walk away'

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Papercut Killer
Papercut Killer1 year ago

Voted! Please vote for my Parade remix as well! <3

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Dave Max
Dave Max1 year ago

Heeeeey, good track!!! It' s...original and catchy!!!Very good, so I voted it.
It would be amazing if you listen and vote my new track called "Vision"!!! Thank you!!!w

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Annihilation1 year ago

Hey there, really nice track, voted instantly. You got very sick synth´s on it. Could you pls vote back for my new Song "Hey Ho". Wish you luck in the contest :)

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Tim Fuhrmann
Tim Fuhrmann1 year ago

Hey Konradinjo, you got my vote! :)
Seriousl, is this available on Spotify so I can add it to my playlist?
Wish you best luck for the contest!

Would appreciate it if you check out my latest track "gettin' started" :)

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Mindblowerz1 year ago

Cool track! I voted :)! Can you please vote back for my new track " Partystarter" ?

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Mumdy1 year ago

would be cool if you listen my parade remix , you have my vote

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M3tzi1 year ago

Yes Dude! heavy drop, groovy rhythms...I like it :)
(for me, the Fill is a little bit to long...only my thoughts)

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Bryce T
Bryce T1 year ago

Sweet track! You have my vote, and will probably get many more for your efforts. Could you please spare a second of your time and vote for my new You & I remix. Much appreciated and good luck!!!

Also you can follow me on soundcloud and I will follow you back (BRYT3R)

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Bluebatti1 year ago

Wow this sound is damn good! I love this one! You got my vote! Please vote back my last track! Thank you! :)

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IMNODJ Productions

Nice work! Voted, if u have amin please vote back my track Parade ;)

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douglas fuentes
douglas fuentes1 year ago

surprisingly rich this track I liked a lot I would like to make a clear remix if you think send me the steams to my emai

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Fave19961 year ago


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oirtertytyu1 year ago

bem equilibrada isso é o que eu procuro meu gosto pessoal amigo tenho dicas pra vocais sim use sua criatividade baixe áudios do yutube mesmo uma risada uma entrevista e corte em partes você não pode usar áudios que já existem mais se você modificar bastante você cria algo novo que até o momento não existia não tenha medo de criticas quem critica realmente vou potencial em você siga sua intuição e tudo vai dar certo abraço me siga no soud cloud posso fornecer apoio

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Drypto1 year ago

Hello my friend!
I liked your work. Vote for my track "Drypto - Bounce C". Just sign up for my Soundcloud.

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JOKI1 year ago

Insanely unique! Well done bro!

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FLVXY1 year ago

Awesome bro, voted back !

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♛ DjGugaF ♛
♛ DjGugaF ♛1 year ago

Very well done just one thing... you need to improve that drums.. thats amateur drums well done

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Beat Loud Machine

Hi! Nice track. I voted you. You can vote back my new track LOVING if you want. If you follow me on soundcloud I'll you follow back.
Have a good time!

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Calu1 year ago

Holy shit .. that beat drop is insane and unique! I voted :D

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Konradinjo1 year ago

thanks haha :D

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