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NuVo2 years ago

Good Work. You've got my vote and followed..Good Luck, Please follow us and vote for our new track 'games'

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Zayne2 years ago


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Astro(djMad)2 years ago

Wow bro good job .... Beautiful sound......cool man..keep it up...

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Sebbowich2 years ago

Hello i did listen to your track thought i derserve a vote. Good luck Freind

If you got time you can also listen to my track(s) on soundcloud and here asweel. Please give some feedback if you want, I would be very happy.

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Martin Time
Martin Time2 years ago

Nice track

You Got My Vote
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also take a listen to my Colab with royle.
and if you like my stuff follow me on soundcloud

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Dave Max
Dave Max2 years ago

Heeeeey, good track!!! It' s...original and catchy!!!Very good, so I voted it.
It would be amazing if you listen and vote my new track called "Vision"!!! Thank you!!!8

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Thvndex2 years ago

Voted!!!!! I love this nice track!!!! Can you vote my last song?????

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Annihilation2 years ago

Hey there, really nice track, voted instantly. You got very sick synth´s on it. Could you pls vote back for my new Song "Hey Ho". Wish you luck in the contest :)

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AN.ANT2 years ago

Amazing Work..

-Would appreciate if you VOTE back for my Track 'CHITAR' &
comment down your feedback.
Thank You.


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cerebeliac2 years ago

Amazing track man! I really feel like you have made something special here. Voted! While I think you can still improve, you've really made something unique here. In a genre that's kind of stale right now, I could easily see your style shaking things up. I hope the Spinnin talent managers see this, because I think it will really make an impact if it were to be published. Keep it up fam! If you could check out my latest track Admiral, I would really appreciate it! Thanks man, and keep grinding!

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Pavlovsky2 years ago


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Teen Wackies
Teen Wackies2 years ago

Awesome track, bro! Voted!

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We have listened to your track, we think the sound is very original and of good quality. Keep doing this and do not give up.
You have our vote!
Vote on our track ( Antony4s&Dimitri2v - Cruel ) and follow us on Spotify and SoundCloud, We will rejoin the favor.

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AJRM2 years ago

Devils amazing track, you have my vote, keep it up, SUCCESS.

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Bryce T
Bryce T2 years ago

Awesome track! You have my vote❤, and will probably get many more for your efforts. Could you please spare a second of your time and vote for my new You & I remix. Much appreciated and good luck!!!

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IMNODJ Productions

Nice beats! Voted, If U have a min please vote back my Parade remix ;)

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Creay2 years ago

Great track bro ! Voted ofc , vote back if you can :)

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Mark Lorre
Mark Lorre2 years ago

Voted! Fuck yeah m8 just keep them comming :)

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SolDin2 years ago

Good track dude!
Please Vote back.
Check my last track "You & I (SolDin REMIX)"
You have my Support!

Follow me on SoundCloud,
and I'll follow you!



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R3XMusic2 years ago

voted back.....

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