Follow from my last track I like EDM,,, Enjoy


Annihilation1 year ago

Hey there, really nice track, voted instantly. You got very sick synth´s on it. Could you pls vote back for my new Song "Hey Ho". Wish you luck in the contest :)

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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem1 year ago

Hello I am back ^^, and it could be an honor if
you could make a feedback about my track "Long Road",
Feedback are really preciois for me!

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DanceproducerUK1 year ago

Awesome Music

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shefler1 year ago

Hi, your track is very cool. I got emotions while listening. I vote. Maybe you'll vote for my track "Shefler & Clay Lock - Bring Other Change" too

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Dave Max
Dave Max1 year ago

Heeeeey, good track!!! It' s...original and catchy!!!Very good, so I voted it.
It would be amazing if you listen and vote my new track called "Vision"!!! Thank you!!!i

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Ali Salahov
Ali Salahov1 year ago

Voted!!!! Please, vote back my last track "You & I (Ali Salahov x AgaS remix)"..

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Sxul1 year ago

Keep working hard on your music , make more tracks for sure and practice. I voted for you! Can you vote too for my newest track too? I also FOLLOWED!

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LAST LANTERN1 year ago

Hey bro
Happy new year
Nice production
Really awesome track..
You have my vote
Could you please check out my new remix..."GOLD SKIES"..."KEEP YOUR HEAD UP"...
Have a listen and vote me if you like it..and plz left your opinion...thanks...

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IrriX1 year ago

god! I've been listening a lot of tracks here but I think this is like a fuckin blast dude! This is a fire track omg! You definitely have put some magic in this. bro how do you actually make music?? Like do you have an idea in mind or you just start right off in the daw and play around until u get an idea? I'd definitely want some advice from someone as talented as you brother! obviously I've dropped a vote for your track to support your talent and also I'd follow you back on SoundCloud to help you out in reposting your upcoming track and anything to help you out!
btw bro I also release my traks here and It'd be a great pleasure if you could just listen my new song and drop a vote on it. and also please answer my question in the comments on my track because I won't get notified if you reply me here and I'd be grateful if you could tell me if you liked my song too . keep rocking brother, you'd definitely get there,.

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shubz_p1 year ago

Amazing track buddy....really love it...voted and supported!!!!! Support me back by voting my remix of Stargazing.

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Lazy-Cat1 year ago

Nice! & Voted!
i would really appreciate if u Vote me back,thanks

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ReyMod.com1 year ago

Hey! Really COOL! Support Your!, Pls Vote back for my latest production and please follow me on soundcloud

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Lost Dj/Producer

Hi bro, You have my vote!

I invite you to listen to my track "HAPPINESS"

I hope you like it!!

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N Effect Music
N Effect Music1 year ago

1st off let me give you a vote for your work on this track and now for some feedback. I am really feeling this tune. It’s very catchy and the melody you chose for this one is very unique. Standing out in this industry is very important, you have a lot of people trying to mimic others style but you seem to keep away from that and that’s awesome. If you have some time I would appreciate it if you can take a listen to my track “STRANGE SOUNDS” drop a vote and leave a comment if you’d like. Hit me up and follow me on SoundCloud for more new music to come. Also, if you ever need some feedback or just a 2nd set of ears to listen to any new tracks you put out to get an opinion on them, feel free to drop them to me through SounCloud and I will be more than happy to provide you with some real honest feedback. Much love, respect and support. Thank you!🔥

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DJ DMIXER1 year ago

Wow sounds great! Must see what spinnin have to say about this. Anyway i voted. So just listen to my track touch us now and vote it. Good luck!😄

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MD3SIGN1 year ago

I VOTED FOR YOU, CAN YOU VOTE BACK ON MY NEW SONG CALLED "OBS3SSION"? Thank you anyways and good luck :)

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Ro Revrock
Ro Revrock1 year ago

voted !!
please vote for vote....
i've got a new track on soundcloud called: Blue Heaven..
it's a great edm song from Ro Revrock ..
hope you will like and share it
vote for me and leave a comment, i will vote back if you comment and have voted for me. .........

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Solømøno1 year ago

Dope track! love the synths. I voted :D Please vote back my new track "Tempest"!!

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YEAHNOT1 year ago

track is awesome:3 I vote for you (you can check it). Maybe you'll vote back for my new remix. Follow me on SoundCloud and I'll follow you! Good luck!💯

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Lusitany1 year ago

Awesome track.
Very nice sound! I hope you will succeed!
I vote for you.
Maybe you'll vote back for my tracks.
Follow me on SoundCloud, and I'll follow you!
See me on Youtube and subscrive for more music if you like.

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