Remix for the Spinnin' Records Contest "VINAI - Parade" by VΛSKO . Groovy vibes, Summer feelings!



Cool glass chord blips in the intro. I like the lounge feel. This is nice. :) Voted by 00:24 due to the nice feel/mix/master. Great work overall! At 1:04, it's a great flemenco meets EDM, like Dzihan & Kamien songs. Love it!

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OfficialDYBEC2 years ago

Hi vasko, I heard your Remix and I couldn't leave some positive feedback!!
I like the sounds you used making the break, it creates this interesting atmosphere that atracts the listeners!!
The overall mixing and mastering is great!!, hit me up on my soundcloud cause I think we have a similar style!!!!
It would mean the world if you could check out my remix of 'Vinai - Parade (DYBEC Remic)' on my profile!!
Let me know what you think and comment down below that you've voted so that I can vote back!
Thank you!

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Oporunndergroud2 years ago

Hope to be a friendly bunch. vote back if you like my Remix "Vinai-Parade" Thanks.

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Sam Diamond
Sam Diamond2 years ago

Hey, nice remix! Good luck with the competition. Come over and check my remix out, tell me what you think. ;)

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GreenScully2 years ago

Nice track ! VOTE !
Please share my Track --->Crypsis Feat. Sasha F - Get Hit GreenScully Remix
And follow on youtube * __ *>
Good Luck

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Oleg S
Oleg S2 years ago

Voted Back bro :)

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Joynox2 years ago


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Kongsil22 years ago

Nice Track !!
I want to vote here, but I can not.
Sounds cloud. I'm gon na press it.

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Mad Disco
Mad Disco2 years ago

Sweet remix dude, big fan of this one, voted and voted for your original mix Moonwalk too. Super cool vibes

Score: 1
Maxim White
Maxim White2 years ago

Awesome track dude, i like your vibes! Voted!
Check my new track "Future" and Vote it back!

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Chris Kan
Chris Kan2 years ago

Good job man, You got my vote. Keep up your work, I like your music

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Source Seed
Source Seed2 years ago

Solid! I feel this like a hit definitely Voted!

Score: 1
BOZZI2 years ago

voted, please vote my remix!

Score: 1
Altall2 years ago

one of best versions i ever heard here) Voted and tnx for ur vote

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notmofalkatall :D

cool idea

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musicbyneon2 years ago

Awesome track dude, i like your vibes! Voted!
Check my new remix "Parade" and Vote it back!

Score: 1
distymusic2 years ago

Awesome track dude, i like your vibes! Voted!
Check my new remix "Parade" and Vote it back!,

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Cool remix man!

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Newram2 years ago

very very cool track, like!!

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Brake Marck
Brake Marck2 years ago

Very good bro, you have a lot of talent, I liked it very much, you have my vote, check my Remix to the song of "VINAI - PARADE" (BRAKE MARCK REMIX) thank you and good luck 🤞. VOTE FOR VOTE :)

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