Maxim White
Maxim White1 year ago

Hello! You Voited for you

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John visión x
John visión x1 year ago

Good song and Good work Voted by you

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Lello_Oliver1 year ago

Speak, friend, how are you?
I listened to his music, until the end, he has everything to pop the charts, voting.
I'm following yours too, we'll exchange information, whether it's bevving my network.
I can ask your favor, vote for my new release * Essence of life ........ *, I really like this sound, dance, just go to my page, leave a message and vote, I'll thank you very much, You'll like it, I assure you.
Hug and success.

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Murphye1 year ago

Like it you got my vote!

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Drvmusic1 year ago

Voted vote mine as well

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Ashik Copzz
Ashik Copzz2 years ago

hey cosmonov
i love that
you have my vote
check my new remix 'parade'
don't forget to give vote ;)

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Ro Revrock
Ro Revrock2 years ago

already voted !! thanks for the vote !! and good luck !!
for also other people !! please vote for vote.... !!
i've got a new track on soundcloud called: Blue Heaven..
it's a great edm song from Ro Revrock ..
hope you will like and share it vote for me and leave a comment,
i will vote back if you comment and have voted for me. ...........

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DJAnonymousBoi2 years ago


Nice. Would you like to check out my track "Xpound" ?

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skiddy12162 years ago

Nick work here I like the original a lot you got my vote. If you get the chance could you help me out and check out my New Rules Remix!?

Thank you!

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LE55TREX2 years ago

Tnx lovely brother voted

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Auxiilium2 years ago

Hey man, i really like your sound, i think you should try minimal, or industrial :)

You have my vote.

Please check my track "Parallel Universe" and vote if you like it. :)
Also follow me on:
spinnin records
and soundcloud and i'll follow you back.
thanks for your support and good luck man! :)

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Xray2 years ago

Voted my friend by the really nice track i hope you will vote back on my Track
if you vote back i will vote every new track that you will release and share it everywhere :)))

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Anquin2 years ago

Voted back

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Dobie2 years ago

nice track, voted

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R0MA2 years ago

voted back✌

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Lazy-Cat2 years ago

Nice! & Voted!
i would really appreciate if u Vote my latest track back,thanks

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srinjoy2 years ago

enjoyed and voted...cn u plz check out my track (z howlers)

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Maxim White
Maxim White2 years ago

Voice!!! My new track Jump🎼🔊🎷📢🔔🎹🎧 Soundcloud Follov me

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B£@T M@K£R$
B£@T M@K£R$2 years ago

Voted bro this is very nice

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Zebrasca2 years ago

Can you listen to my last track "Make Me Feel" and vote if you like it?
Thank you and good luck!

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