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CASEMI1 year ago

Wwwoooowww amazing!!

Love , Love , Love the drop

VOTED!! and supported !!
I hope you can vote back my last track, good luck!!

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Level Dragon
Level Dragon1 year ago

Hello Vaishno KMR!You know your track is really AWESOME!Voted,keep working!:D

Also I will be very thankful if you will check my new track "Ancient Ritual" and vote for it!

Thank you so much bro!
Good luck and all the best wishes,Lev Dragon

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Pulsarlights1 year ago

wooooow this is very nice! you have my vote!
Support from italy!
Please vote for my ''Parade'' remix 🙏.

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Ashik Copzz
Ashik Copzz1 year ago

hey vaishno
I love that
You have my vote
Check my new remix "Parade" and Vote it back

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Clay Lock
Clay Lock1 year ago

Hey. I liked your track. Cool melody bro!
Voted!!!!! you can check it out
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Radical Records
Radical Records1 year ago

Nice melodies to this remix, dope drops to the vocals. Awesome vibes on this banger; Got my vote.

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Radical Records
Radical Records1 year ago

Nice melodies to this remix, dope vibes on this banger. Got my vote.

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Juni Cheebs
Juni Cheebs1 year ago

Voted back and followed thanks for your vote

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Xedis1 year ago

VOTED!! good track bro!! if you want you can support me with a vote on my new track "Candy Land"!!
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~K4RMA1 year ago

Thanks for your comment!
I came to appreciate and support your work! Good luck with that one!

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Annihilation1 year ago

Voted! Pretty sick track mate, nice synth´s you used :) Hope you get what you earn for the hard work. Please vote for my new track "Sunlight". Wish you many luck in the contest :D

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SunBlock1 year ago

Voted back bro!! Very nice work... :3"

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Oporunndergroud1 year ago

ขอบคุณสำหรับคะแนนโหวต ขบวนแห่ vinai โหวตดำ

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the_rabbits1 year ago

Crazy track mate!
Could you please vote back my track, "The Rabbits X Calirat - Laburnum".
I would really appreciate your support!
Cheers :D

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Theophilus Nathaniel

Really cool DROP! Definitely Voted! Cheers!

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mueenmusix1 year ago

Hey Cool track it's good voted and supported.👍
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Good luck have a good day...!

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JOSHUA TOM1 year ago

nice and catchy. pls vote for my track timber and keep an eye on my sundcloud account i will follow you if you follow me!

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EnergyWolf1 year ago


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BUBBLE DUB1 year ago


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oirtertytyu1 year ago


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