hloo guys it me copzz . enjoy the music and vote for it


Lello_Oliver1 year ago

Your sound is very good.
I am following you.
Voted my Tracks ?
I could also vote for my tracks, thank you and hug
Follow me

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Sinkes Kennedy
Sinkes Kennedy1 year ago


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mueenmusix2 years ago

Hey I like your Remix so I wanna invite you to check my new track "Hey" and I hope you would like it and vote me Thanks Good luck my friend..!!!

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Danny Okmpo
Danny Okmpo2 years ago

Cool track bro, Voted!! Please go check my last track Sky Diving! Enjoy and Good Luck!

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Anvvar Music
Anvvar Music2 years ago

Hey Ashik! It's Anvvar Here.
I Took A Listen To Your Track And It Really Stood Out From Others!
Really Loved The Style Of The Track, Great Work On Mixing And Mastering As Well!
I've Given You My Vote & Also, I've Followed For More Upcoming Tracks From You! Keep It Up!
Could You Please Take A Listen To My New Track "Hephaestus" And Only Vote If You Like The Track ;)
Thank You And Keep Up The Good Work Mate!
"Also, I'm Interested In Doing A Collaboration With You. If You Are Interested, Please Drop A Message On Soundcloud Or Instagram DM."

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Tonyrider.dj2 years ago

Hey. Love this Track!!!! VOTED!!!!
Please Vote for my new Track "Booty Bounce" and leave a Feedback!!!

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Stiven Rain
Stiven Rain2 years ago

Voted back cool track

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Shatiks2 years ago

Voted! Good Track!

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Tharun Hardy
Tharun Hardy2 years ago

I too voted thanks for the kind comments
PL ease vote back

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Omau2 years ago

Love the synth you used for the drop :)
Great choice.

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eXtreme09Pure2 years ago

thank you,voted back!

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DJ Swiftsound
DJ Swiftsound2 years ago

Cool how you slowed the track down right before the drop! Keep up the good work! You've got my vote :)

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HBTRS2 years ago

Good clue! I like it! good style! voted! Could you vote for my track (Shout Acoustic Version)? and follow me for more clue, I would appreciate it a lot !! regards! :)

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Sickluv2 years ago

Woww !!! Nice track !

You have my vote

Pls vote back #voteforvote

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andrusha2 years ago

voted x))))))))))))

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Tommy Key
Tommy Key2 years ago

Voted for remix :D

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CURVED2 years ago

Voted! I like this version atmosphere. Very good indeed...

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Serginio Chan
Serginio Chan2 years ago

You got my VOTE!
d(=_=)b Thanks for the support !!!

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JLNG2 years ago

Nice track, ASHIK! Voted!
Could you check out and vote for my track 'Fire'? Thanks and good luck! :)

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Temuulen2 years ago

hey i voted back nice track

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