Pushing Sunday

New Town Ground

Vocal track with the theme of Starting on a Sunday night and reversing into Saturday. Jump over to soundcloud and say hello, I hope you enjoy ✌


NSHL2 years ago

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Tharun Hardy
Tharun Hardy2 years ago

Amazing work bro.....
Production is cool
Voted and supported

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the_rabbits2 years ago

Great track mate!
Keep up the good work! Voted!
I'd really appreciate if you vote back on my track, "The Rabbits X Calirat - Laburnum"
If you need any help in mixing and mastering let us know. Always happy to help.
Cheers :}

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Juni Cheebs
Juni Cheebs2 years ago

Voted and followed back. Thanks for your vote

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Bedside Venue
Bedside Venue2 years ago

Wow. Did not see that switch up coming but I like it. Nice kind of retro house vibe here. Cool stuff. Voted! I'd truly appreciate it if you could check out my remix of Parade and drop a vote and some feedback on it. Take care and stay golden, my friend :)

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New Town Ground
New Town Ground2 years ago

Thank you for listening man.

Means a lot

New Town Ground

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B£@T M@K£R$
B£@T M@K£R$2 years ago

Voted bro loving this sound, Original lyrics to bro
Very nice work

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New Town Ground
New Town Ground2 years ago

Thank You man.

Gotta try something different now and again the challenge is the trophy 💜

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BAMF2 years ago

Voted and supported!

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rougdrag2 years ago

Hello, how are you?
pushing sunday.
yes, you can hear it easily.
it is already interesting how many types there are music to make or produce.
Keep it up.
Love and Peace rougdrag

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New Town Ground
New Town Ground2 years ago

Cheers Rougdrag

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ZUFLIH2 years ago

voted :D

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Papercut Killer
Papercut Killer2 years ago

Voted! Please vote for my Parade remix as well! <3

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Auxiilium2 years ago

Hey man, i really like your sound!
You have my vote.

Please check my track "Parallel Universe" and vote if you like it. :)
Also follow me on:
spinnin records
and soundcloud and i'll follow you back.
thanks for your support and good luck man! :)

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SolDin2 years ago

Good job!
Please Vote back.
Check my last track "KSHMR - Wildcard (SOLDIN REMIX)"
You have my Support!
Follow me on
and I'll follow you!

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Adon Shoko
Adon Shoko2 years ago

supported bro :D !

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New Town Ground
New Town Ground2 years ago

Cheers dude 🤘

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JOSHUA TOM2 years ago

nice and catchy. pls vote for my track timber and keep an eye on my sundcloud account i will follow you if you follow me!

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Teen Wackies
Teen Wackies2 years ago

Awesome track! Voted!

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Lazy-Cat2 years ago

Nice! Voted!
lets help each other out, vote for vote? I already voted.
Thanks for suppport

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RONGGAR2 years ago

Nice ! Cool Drop! Voted !
Could you please vote & review my track " Story (Original Mix) " Thanks !

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LE55TREX2 years ago

Tnx bro voted 😉

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R3XMusic2 years ago

Hey, Excellent I like your song and you deserve my vote..
Vibe are pretty awesome ... keep doing hardwork... I like your style

Well, I want also you to check my Big room "Louder".

If you want me to follow you in Souncloud & Spinnin' then Follow me, I will follow you back..

#Keep cooking good music #Peace #Lafha

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DJ DMIXER2 years ago

Wow! Brilliant track. Enjoyed a lot listening to it. You definitely have my vote and deserve top rankings! Anyway just listen to my track SIN CITY and vote! Good luck!!😊

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