Here's my new track featuring the very talented Steve James, Hope you like it! Download for free on The Artist Union


Carl de Bizarre
Carl de Bizarre1 year ago

Awesome vocals!

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Rongga R
Rongga R1 year ago

Nice ! Cool Drop! Voted !
Could you please vote & review my track " Nobody Else " Thanks !

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Great concept man!
Voted back ;)

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Gorbunoff1 year ago

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S w i r l
S w i r l1 year ago

Nice work dude! Voted! Check out my new track 'Breaking Free' too!

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Lunagrath1 year ago

Votado. Excelente track. Gran sentimiento y sonido. Me encanto. Saludos y suerte.

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Driftbomb1 year ago

Cool track Kushal, I voted for you!
Please vote for my track - "FLUFFY" - I hope you like it! :)

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L3VIX1 year ago

I voted! Can you go check out my new remix of AJR? That would be awesome if you voted back! Keep working hard on music, you have a talent!!!!!

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Indigo-music1 year ago


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Yolanda Polanco
Yolanda Polanco1 year ago

Great track .I love the drop. ITS FIRE

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Antoine Mariel
Antoine Mariel1 year ago

Wow this is very nice ! Keep working, well done, it's original and catchy.
Really cool, the drop its really fresh i like it, but you need to get more presence of the break hats, i think you loose some feel in that part.
Keep up doing amazing sound. You got my vote.

If you want, check out my track "SHIVER" and tell your opinion of it. I would appreciate that :)
Good luck, and good day !

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LAST LANTERN1 year ago

hey brother
i heard your track
its really sounds amazing
you have my vote and support
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could you please check out my track
.... plz have a listen and vote me if you think i deserve.. thanks & gd luck....

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SamShuk1 year ago

Hey thats amazing !

I voted for your track !

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Shadow.JR1 year ago

Great job voted :))))

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Nick Sad
Nick Sad1 year ago

your track is fantastic and to my vote but also you vote for my new track Lost & Found

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Skumsongs1 year ago

nice track. Voted 😍 And i hope you'd vote my newest track OUSSAMA. And lets do a follow for follow too here. Also if you could follow me on soundcloud , i'd do back for you and i'd love to repost your tracks. ThankYou and keep making such good music 🙌

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Anquin1 year ago

Voted back

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Lawrenz M
Lawrenz M1 year ago

Voted ! Nice Track :D

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#Sharon N Ron
#Sharon N Ron1 year ago

Nice Track Bro !!

Listened Your track

Voted and Supported!!!

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Please Vote For It Also If You Like It Leave A Comment What Do You Think About It

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Aarav71 year ago

What a great track! You definitely got my vote! Please check out and vote for my new track "Warfare"it would mean alot to me! Let's support each other on soundcloud aswell! You follow me and I'll follow back. Nice.

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