SoundCloud Link: Hi! We are Volcanoyzers(Davide Pulvirenti and Massimiliano Gallo). Two Italian DJ/Producers of EDM. We have a dream and you can help us to realize it. Vote us on Spinnin Talent Pool! Volcanoyzers. #FutureBounce #Volcanoyzers #Monsters


Lazy-Cat2 years ago

Nice! Voted!
lets help each other out, vote for vote? I already voted.
Thanks for suppport

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DjTaza2 years ago

Hey VOLCANOYZERS, i listened to your track and it'si really amazing so i voted for u, wish u support me and vote for my track [ Hypnotize Me ]

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Dobie2 years ago

nice track, need some EQ-ing, voted

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Prosto_Volume2 years ago

Hello bro, I congratulate you on the release of a new track. Good job, I liked it. Unforgettable melody.
Voted !!!!!! You can check it out
Maybe you voted back for my track "Shefler & Clay Lock - Fruit Salad (Original Mix)"
Subscribe to me on the soundcloud and I'll subscribe for you

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Luntreep2 years ago

Great! Voted and supported!
Check my last trac "My Trash" ;)
Good luck!!.

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Prescription Music

Hey nice beats and cool catchy melody it really compliments the track ovrall I know how Hard it is to make a nice track Voted!! keep it up,.

Can u also check my track "Jumpstart" and vote for it thanks!!1

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DJ DMIXER2 years ago

Amazing track! Wow enjoyed a lot listening to this! ☺ ❤ Must see what spinnin has to say about this! You got my vote! Can u listen to my track GOING ON and vote it?
It will be a great encouragement to me! 😊

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Kushal2 years ago

Superb track! Love it! Voted!
Would love if you could vote back my track!

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Sxul2 years ago

Keep working hard on your music , make more tracks for sure and practice. I voted for you! Can you vote too for my newest track too ? I also FOLLOWED!

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LE55TREX2 years ago


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delete this account 22

hey man just voted for your track
Check and vote for my track

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4 ᴀ ǫ ɪ ʙ ᴍ

Hey buddy your track is really amazing ,
its melody attracted me to listen to the whole track.,
i loved it , voted and supported.
don't forget to vote back on my track " Hey ",,

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Taius2 years ago

Awesome one!! :) supported and voted
Please vote back on my latest remix of Dimitri Vegas& Like Mike's "Roads"
Thanks, have a nice day and good luck !

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Julian Mars
Julian Mars2 years ago

Sick Drop and Splendid Work...Voted!! <3
Can you please support my remix?, and if you like it please leave a vote.
Kind Regards and Good Day.

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ReyMod.com2 years ago

vote! very good! bro, I invite you to visit my channel a comment on some of my songs on soundcloud . com / reymod

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djfuriouss2 years ago

INSANE!! GREAT TRACK!! Can you please vote for my track *djfuriouss-disaster*???


Good luck!!!

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LE55TREX2 years ago

Hiii buddy.!
Starting is good
Melody ok
Nice sounds
Nice drop like that,,

not a copy comment chack my track bro i give you back i am not only saying anyways as you wish

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller2 years ago

voted ! vote back my new BELIEVE ! another tracks BETTER KNOW YOUR LOVE over 67,1k soundcloud plays and TOGETHER over 85,3k plays ! thanks ! e

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AUZTN2 years ago

Nice track! Voted!.Can you vote my track "Bomb Away"? Thanks!

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J-Rob MD
J-Rob MD2 years ago

It's got a great epic pop feel to it. The synth work is great and the drums really stand out (love the snare and the snaps). The horns also give a great air to the whole song. I voted for you and followed you on soundcloud. I have my new song “Never Close Enough” out if you could vote. I would love a follow back on soundcloud if you like what I do too!

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