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Faylasuf2 years ago

Very nice ideas!!!
VOted back
keep it up!

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Kaux2 years ago

Hi mate! I'm gonna be honest with you, I think we all want some votes here so... Could you give me a vote on my latest track? I'll definitely vote yours if you do it, just let me know in the comments section that you already voted! I promise i'll vote your track back! (I'll let you know that I voted your track when I answer your comment and follow you)

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Rongga R
Rongga R2 years ago

Nice ! Cool Drop! Voted !
Could you please vote & review my track " Nobody Else " Thanks !

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CASEMI2 years ago


Keep up the good work!
VOTED!! and supported !!
I hope you can vote back my last track, good luck!!

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Skumsongs2 years ago

Hey,nice track. Voted 😍 And i hope you'd vote my newest track OUSSAMA. And lets do a follow for follow too here. Also if you could follow me on soundcloud , i'd do back for you and i'd love to repost your tracks. ThankYou and keep making such good music 🙌

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L3VIX2 years ago

I voted! If you could check out my new remix of AJR and vote back that would be amazing! keep working hard you have a talent!!

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R0MA2 years ago

Awesome track ! 👌

You have my vote

Please check my new remix of "Silhouettes by Jacky Greco and vote back, i'm sure you will like it.
Also you can follow me on spinnin records and souncloud, and also on my new youtube channel and i'll follow you back
Thanks for your support ✌

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Scream's2 years ago

Hey mate, I voted you, let's support each other and vote me back on my track "HAWK" if you can, thanks you!

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Rosedown Prescott

Cool Track ! I voted :)! Check my remix of “Without You” by Avicii and vote if you like too :).

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Skybr02 years ago

I voted for you dude!
I would like to hear what you think about my new track "Bunny Hopz"!
And vote back if you can ;)

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Sxul2 years ago

Keep working hard on your music , make more tracks for sure and practice. I voted for you! Can you vote too for my newest track too? I also FOLLOWED!

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Taius2 years ago

Awesome one!! :) supported and voted
Please vote back on my latest remix of Dimitri Vegas& Like Mike's "Roads"
Thanks, have a nice day and good luck !

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Prosto_Volume2 years ago

Hello bro, I congratulate you on the release of a new track. Good job, I liked it. Unforgettable melody.
Voted !!!!!! You can check it out
Maybe you voted back for my track "Shefler & Clay Lock - Fruit Salad (Original Mix)"
Subscribe to me on the soundcloud and I'll subscribe for you

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N Effect Music
N Effect Music2 years ago

Let me start of by letting you know that you 100% I am dropping you a vote for your work on this track ASAP! I would also appreciate a return vote on my track “PARANOIA”. Follow me on Sound Cloud and I will follow you back ASAP. After you follow me, feel free to send me some music you to listen to if you would like some additional honest feedback. I do this for anyone who follows me on Sound Cloud. There are others that say they do but you will find out very quickly who is real and who isn’t and I promise you that I do my absolute best to get back to everyone who supports and follows me on Sound Cloud by doing the same and taking the time to listen to their music if they want some feedback. You won’t get much honest feedback in the Talent Pool because we are all working toward getting votes but when you follow me on Sound Cloud and hit me up on Sound Cloud, that’s real feedback. I am also going to be starting a YouTube channel soon giving new artists a platform for exposure to get their music heard and reviewed so follow me on Twitter if you have a Twitter for updates coming soon, it’s gonna be exciting! Good luck on your journey and never stop making music, there is always someone out there who enjoys your sound. Even if it’s one person, that’s one person you touched with your music. Thank you!👍👍

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Lusitany2 years ago

Nice track! Awesome sound!
Let's do this to succeed: I vote for you and you vote for me. I already voted.
On SoundCloud if you give me a comment and a like on my track "It Was My Feeling" you will get my supported guaranteed.
Thank you and good luck!

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DJ DMIXER2 years ago

Amazing track! Wow enjoyed a lot listening to this! ☺ ❤ Must see what spinnin has to say about this! You got my vote! Can u listen to my track GOING ON and vote it?
It will be a great encouragement to me! 😊

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4 ᴀ ǫ ɪ ʙ ᴍ

Hey buddy your track is really amazing ,,
its melody attracted me to listen to the whole track.,,
i loved it , voted and supported.,
don't forget to vote back on my track " Hey ",,

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DjTaza2 years ago

Hey GYRO, i listened to your track and it's really amazing so i voted for u, wish u support me and vote for my track [ Hypnotize Me ]

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DURMOON2 years ago

Amazing song bro! Nice one! Voted!

Vote for my remix "Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do", i'm sure you'll like it, waiting for your vote <3

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DURMOON2 years ago

Amazing song bro! Nice one! Voted!

Vote for my remix "Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do", i'm sure you'll like it, waiting for your vote <3

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