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Allex9 months ago

Really nice!!
awesome part of this song!
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Gorbunoff9 months ago

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The Nell
The Nell9 months ago

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KooZ9 months ago

Very energetic intro. Cool sounding drop with smooth vocal. You have my vote. Please vote for my new track Badam. Thanks!

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Gustaw9 months ago

Very good track, excellent work, I like your style, unique!
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The Terrorists
The Terrorists9 months ago

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Mecka Dj
Mecka Dj9 months ago

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Carl de Bizarre
Carl de Bizarre9 months ago

is there a chance to download this one? thx for answering

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Temmy9 months ago

sure, just visit my soundcloud, serch for djtemmy

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Jeans 10
Jeans 109 months ago

buen tarabajo espero un voto por favor

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Lenny Flaid
Lenny Flaid9 months ago

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R3MI9 months ago

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Alan Freires
Alan Freires9 months ago

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SamShuk9 months ago

Hey thats amazing !

I voted for your track !

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Thanks !!!!

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Greek Chocolate
Greek Chocolate9 months ago

Hey !! This track is amazing, really like your original sound!
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Congrats on your success so far!! Looking forward to seeing more work from you !! Cheers !!! <3!.!!

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Ross Stephens
Ross Stephens9 months ago

Good remix, got my vote.

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Shipxx9 months ago

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Gorbunoff9 months ago

Voted :)
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