On My Way Remix by LozyJack. I'm feeling that this is one of the best remix I've ever made and I really hope that you guys like this track. This track is made for WAVO.me remix contest. Share this FANLINK to your buddy so they also can listen to the track : https://fanlink.to/lozyjack-omwremix


DURMOON2 years ago

Amazing song bro! Nice one! Voted!

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RONGGAR2 years ago

Nice ! Cool Drop! Voted !
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E*T*M records
E*T*M records2 years ago

nice work fantastik sound


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THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Taius2 years ago

Awesome one!! :) supported and voted
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Thanks, have a nice day and good luck !

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Magic Skipper
Magic Skipper2 years ago

Nice track with great melody!This is amazing track! I voted.
I love this song should be in the top 10
keep it up.................... ;)
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Luntreep2 years ago

Nice track bro! Voted.
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Good luck.,.

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N Effect Music
N Effect Music2 years ago

Just listened to a bit of your track and I like what you've done here. There are some interesting things going on with the chords and the melodies where I get the sense you are working on your own individual sound. You definitely got my vote for this one. Hope you can give me a vote back on my track "PARANOIA". Follow me on Sound Cloud for a follow back and future support. If you ever need a vote on the talent pool, hit me up through Sound Cloud. If you ever need some honest feedback on one of your tracks, hit me up through Sound Cloud. If you ever need a like or comment on one of your tracks on Sound Cloud, hit me up through Sound Cloud. If you got a Twitter, follow me on Twitter and I'll follow back. Looking for people who are here for long term support. Thank you!!!!!!

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Antoine Mariel
Antoine Mariel2 years ago

Wow this is very nice ! Keep working, well done, it's original and catchy.
Really cool, the drop its really fresh i like it, but you need to get more presence of the break hats, i think you loose some feel in that part.
Keep up doing amazing sound. You got my vote.

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Good luck, and good day !

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VΞ›SKO2 years ago

Hey dude,that's a nice track, I like your Vibes!Voted for sure!
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T4URON2 years ago

Woow! good track friend! It is an excellent job! I hope you reach the top 10!, luck! Please you can listen to my music "T4URON - SO FAR AWAY (Original Mix)" and vote if you like. Thank you !!!!

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DjTaza2 years ago

Hey TOBTOK, i listened to your track and it's really amazing so i voted for u, wish u support me and vote for my track [ Hypnotize Me ]

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Rosedown Prescott

Really good remix, I voted !!

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D4VI4N2 years ago

Nice. Voted.
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and i will fallow you, like and repost your track on my 1K followers on SoundCloud.
Thank you so much and good luck!

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Sxul2 years ago

Keep working hard on your music , make more tracks for sure and practice. I voted for you! Can you vote too for my newest track too? I also FOLLOWED!

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller2 years ago

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Bakka Music
Bakka Music2 years ago

Good work Lozy Jack! Voted! Feel free to vote my new track "Energy" back!

Cheers, Bakka.

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KASTOMARIN2 years ago

good job
voted and I think it will be mutually
give me your voice on the track
KastomariN - Gold//////

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Bargus2 years ago

Hi bro nice track i love it and voted. Please check out my latest track ''Monster Elephant'' thanks =)

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Tebi2 years ago

!I loved your track! I leave you my vote! and I invite you to listen to "The Lakes" my last track, and to help me with your vote! From already thank you very much! hug!

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Lusitany2 years ago

Wowww !!! Amazing trackkk! I like it so much! Really original. Had a lot of fun listening to this track! I listened to a part of the song & It feels well mixed and produced and a lot Groovy as well. Nice feeling in the drop. Maybe i will play this song at the club.

I voted for your track because I like it so much & Maybe you should be soon in the TOP of Spinnin'!.

and definitly you have strong skill to produce music. although it would be even better if you could get the kick to stick out a little bit more! And Listening to the drop, I'd only add a little more ratio-compression to the kick and I'd put it in 52Hz to make more suitable with the bass. But Really, Congratulations!

I have some questions for you to answer… What do you think about my music style? And Do you know any tips for vocals?

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Good luck.

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