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KATESH1 year ago

Hey Anvvar!! Thanks a ton for checking out my music and supporting my works!
I listened to your "Hephaestus" and other works too and loved your tracks, could feel that good quality in your music!!
I have given my vote for your tracks too and started following too!
I have been taking my time to find my sound and hone my skills so din't do release any works yet for sometime.
I am interested in collaborating too, I will drop a message soon!

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Nico Sánchez
Nico Sánchez1 year ago

Hola ANVVAR!!! Really good EDM sounds. Voted. Plz voted me on my track Debajo del Agua Thanks Bro Nico >:))

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"Sberix"1 year ago

Aight! Amazing work with Choped voices!!!!!! Drop is sick!

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NuVo1 year ago

Good Work. You've got my vote..Good Luck, Please vote for our new track 'games'

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Cool intro, man! I think I might prefer it with some kind of musical/melodic element in there, too, but you do start to build/change it quickly. Ah yes, the piano by the break is cool. :) Cool progression throughout! Nice Big Room EDM sounds.
BTW, since the Spinnin site never notifies us of replies to our comments, I figured I'd paste my reply to your comment on my track below. Have a good week!
Hey Anvvar! Thanks a lot! I'll check your track, but as mentioned before, try to avoid copy/paste comments, as you get much better reactions when you make individual comments per track/person.

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TOREGUALTO1 year ago

I like the track, you did a good job, I repeat that I'm about to collaborate!
you have my vote

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Great song!
You have my vote!
Good Luck.

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llBUZZll1 year ago

Awesome bro, I heard it and I find it super cool, you have my vote thank you!!

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Daddy A-Kicker
Daddy A-Kicker1 year ago

What a big sound! Great track, voted.

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IamJake1 year ago

Done bro

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Pedro Lopes
Pedro Lopes1 year ago

up me bro nice

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Loki.1 year ago

Voted bro! Check my track Valhalla, sure you like it!!! Vote back and comment please!!

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Brake Marck
Brake Marck1 year ago

Hey bro, I like your song 🎶, you have a lot of talent, voted 🗳 for sure. Great upload and excellent Drop bro, keep it up 🔥, I really liked the melody 🎶 and the =Instrumental is perfect 👌🏼, so continue bro, but try to work on the changes of rhythm 🕺 :).


Please vote for my song "Elements" 🔥, good luck 🍀 bro.


Follow me on my profile of Spinnin'Records, SoundCloud, Instagram and Twitter and I will follow too :) 🔥.


If you want me to listen to your songs in more detail pon, put it in the comments 💭, I will gladly do it, music is really my passion ❤️ 🔥.❤️ 🔥 💥 ☄ ❤️ .... 1H

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DaniLeón1 year ago

I took a listen to your track and
I can say that you got my vote,
well done, well balanced and mixed,
hope you also voted my track
"Cuervo", Keep it up bro!
Good work!

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Mart Miller
Mart Miller1 year ago

Thanks for support!
I realy like this song, the pumping rithm and mellody, just awesome track!
I leave vote!
Thanks agin!

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devanshu1 year ago

Awsm track nd sound is good ... I hope u should be in the top 10 ... Plz voted me on my new track * TERROR * D2 Squad ...

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Cikmo1 year ago

Hi. I really liked this! You earned a vote!!!
Would you like to also check out my new remix of The Chainsmokers' "Sick Boy" and if you like it, give it a vote?
I would really appreciate it!

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JAYSTICK1 year ago

for a moment I thought I was at a festival lol you or you have a lot of potential!! voted

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Babu X
Babu X1 year ago

Nice anthem. Voted.

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kushiemonster1 year ago

That is a great track! Keep it up!
Be sure to check my track "fog" too! Thanks!!

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