Salvatore Zappalá

Goood Noce

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TeiX Music
TeiX Music1 year ago

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Antoine Mariel
Antoine Mariel1 year ago

Wow! insane track! I like it very much! Very original. I voted for you! I hope you reach the top 10! Luck! Great fun listening to this track! It looks well blended and produced. Feeling nice. Wow! It is an excellent job! Please you can listen to my music "Shiver" and vote if you like. Thank you !

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RONGGAR1 year ago

Nice ! Cool Drop! Voted !
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CRALIFFF1 year ago


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XZXMusic1 year ago

Hey Christopher Damas, really like this track! Dropped a vote and hope you drop a vote for us as well!

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AntonMunter1 year ago

Nice track, the melody is really catchy :) I voted!
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Kasper Piledahl
Kasper Piledahl1 year ago

Futuristic, cool and chilled vibes.

There is not too much I'd say you could change or do better. Only thing I'd say is that your chords sound a bit distorted, they should maybe be a higher key? I have no idea since I don't make Future Bass but it's something to try :)

Good luck my friend! :)

Sincerely, Kasper Piledahl.

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Dj O.M.N.I.A
Dj O.M.N.I.A1 year ago

Wow ! Nice work bro.. I really like this track. Your sound is very much excellent. Good job bro.
I voted this track bro. All the best...
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P.B1 year ago

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Cristian Maova
Cristian Maova1 year ago


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E.M.F. (Electro-Magnetic Force)

Great stuff. Love original mix's. Please check out my latest "The Day After" voted buddy.

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SanSloterSA1 year ago

I Took A Listen To Your Track And It Really Stood Out From Others!
Really Loved The Style Of The Track, Great Work On Mixing And Mastering As Well!
🔥Voted 🔥
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DREADLEE.1 year ago

Voted man ... Great work ... Please listen to my track "Lost vibes"

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LouCiiGlow1 year ago

Good track. Voted A+
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backw4rds1 year ago

Hey, I listend to your track! The remix itself is really not bad, but try to work on your mixdown and your mastering, the track is way to loud and even distorts an some parts! I would be happy if you could have a listen to my track "Let Me Say" :)

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kra4os1 year ago

WOOOW! voted! can you help me with my track DEMONIOS?

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DeepNoize1 year ago

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PaulGrand1 year ago

Nice. Voted.
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