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AMJK2 years ago

Hey x files, I've left you a vote! Check out my new released "Harmonizing" and please vote back. Follow me on SoundCloud for even more support.

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Antoine Mariel
Antoine Mariel2 years ago

Hey my friend,
I took time that it is necessary to listen to your track, I noticed that your track is simply incredible, the banging is crazy, the melody tempts to listen to !
This is really a beautiful job from you, I congratulate you, the result is satisfactory. The top 10 of the TALENT POOL wait for you! I wish you one good luck, a very good continuation to you ! You go now into the house of the big, that is why it is necessary to give to you your luck.

I invite you to listen to my last track, "SHIVER" this track, at the moment 7,4k of listening, I hope that this number will progress, I have to make up everything myself, by my own inspirations. Also leave a comment if you wishes it !
If you share my passion and if you like the novelty, give the luck to a young artist, thus vote for me, that would please me.
It could be an excellent opportunity to gain fans and begin to increase a serious follow-up. If it interests you, you can follow me on my profile Talent Pool and on my SoundCloud.

I wish you one good day !

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John Castel & Xan Castel

Nice remix Lauren:)You have our vote!

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EXYTsounds2 years ago

! <3 <3 !!! Hey !! I really enjoy this new song you just put out , Just got a chance to listen to it - and totally voted!!!
Congrats on all your success thus far!! Really look forward to seeing more work from youu!!
Would love to have you opinion my track "dAHnce" !! Anyways, CHEERS <3 <3

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tregeetf2 years ago

this is sick boy
you have my support!!!!

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Naytt_Offical2 years ago

Awesome track man, great melodies and sound quality :) You have my vote, if you want check out my track Shape Shifter and vote for me too :)

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Leon & Sandro
Leon & Sandro2 years ago

Nice track bro you got my vote, please vote back.

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E*T*M records
E*T*M records2 years ago

"hey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
super work nice tune
please vote my new production :
T'O'M'S - sillya nova
THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊
😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊

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Skumsongs2 years ago

Dope Track. VOTED
Hope you could vote back my track 'Feels' and follow me on Soundcloud and i would love to follow you back and to repost your tracks ❤

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller2 years ago

good !Voted !!! Vote back my BELIEVE now over 35k soundcloud plays and BETTER KNOW YOUR LOVE now over 71,2k souncloud plays!!! Thanks !

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Anquin2 years ago

Your remix is awesome! I hope you should be soon in the top 10!
I voted:)

Please vote for my remix "Rae Sremmurd - Swang (Anquin Remix)" thanks:3

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B£@T M@K£R$

listened and voted bro
Hit us back if you get a minute

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VΛSKO2 years ago

Hey dude,that's a nice track, I like your Vibes! Voted for sure!
Check my new remix "Dua Lipa - Last Dance" and Vote it back!
You can follow me on Soundcloud. Cheers!!

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N Effect Music
N Effect Music2 years ago

This is a nice tune you got here. Great melody, nice chords, the progression of the track is there as well. You got my vote for sure! Please take a listen and vote back for my track “THIS IS HOUSE”. You can follow me on Sound Cloud and I will follow back ASAP. If you ever need any feedback on a track, a vote on Spinnin’, a comment on your track on Sound Cloud or a like on Sound Cloud, hit me up and message me through Sound Cloud. You will see that this is legit when you follow me on Sound Cloud and see that I follow you back ASAP! Also, if you’re going to send me a track to listen to on Sound Cloud, please sent one at a time. I have a lot of people sending me music to listen to and I want to make sure I listen to them all and provide feedback on them all. Thank you!!!

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Peeth Mauer ( PM...)

Nice remix! Very great track! You have my vote! Please vote back on my first song. Thanks a lot!

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XRC2 years ago

Hey man, im trying to go through everyone's tracks and give some solid feedback so you can improve and get better at producing but first of all, i just wana say that i loved your track as it was very unique and the melody was so catchy and overall just fantastic and i will defiantly vote for this (check supported tracks).

I found myself humming the melody after listening! I can tell that if you keep working hard, you will make it one day!

The only thing i can say you need to work on is to make your kicks more hard hitting as they were a bit to soft and also try and add some sounds that fill out the middle end of the eq at the drop as it was a bit to bright but other than that, amazing track.

I was also wondering if you could check out my new track called Morfix and maybe you could vote for it as that would be a huge help. Thanks!

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DvrkVce & Lady EM

Good Job!! Great track!!
Good Vibes! Love this melody!!
You have our vote and full support!! :)
Please, vote back our last track "Lionheart"🎶
Thank you so much and Good Luck!!

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D4VI4N2 years ago

Nice. Voted.
Please listen and leave a comment to my remix "Mike Williams x Dastic -You and I (Davian's Remix 3)"
and i will follow you, like and repost your track on my 1,1K followers on SoundCloud.
Thank you so much and good luck!

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