Future House with a nice vocal. Follow me on Sound Cloud and Twitter. Let's Go!


ROIBU1 year ago

Hey NEffect, let's help each other out! Vote for vote on my latest track? I already dropped a vote (check your xp) :)

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Great song!
You have my vote!
Good Luck.

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Music By Doro
Music By Doro1 year ago

How’s it going, this is my 1st release in the Talent Pool so I hope you enjoy it.
I would appreciate a vote on my track Dark Horse.
I just left you a vote on your track and I hope you enjoy my track.
Thank you!!!!!

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RichardBahericz1 year ago

Good Stuff ! I Voted for you !
Please vote for my new remix ==> David Guetta x Martin Garrix x Brooks - LIKE I DO (Richard Bahericz Remix)
Thx & Good Luck !

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Adrian van Sin
Adrian van Sin1 year ago


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RiZLiX1 year ago

voted! cool track! nice vox and production!

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Waimis1 year ago

Hi, nice track, really good sound) Voted
Vote for my track too please) Follow me and i follow you too!
Thank you)

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Kraashmusic1 year ago

Voted! Seriously 'no regret' in voting 😂... Please vote for my track "HUNTER" your support matters.... Thank you

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llBUZZll1 year ago

Voted bro awesome!!!

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Gorbunoff1 year ago

Awesome track! Voted! :) Please vote for my track: Gorbunoff - Sonic Algebra (Original Mix)

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AXEND1 year ago

pretty not bad, great track, harmony, mixing, mastering good

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LAST LANTERN1 year ago

hey bro.

nice ideas on the production
awesome track.. like to hear more from you..
you have my vote.
could you please check my new remix of "like i do".. .
please have a listen and vote for my track... thanks........

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Congrats on the high rank! Great intro. Like the vibe throughout. Around 00:55 I really like the side-chain of the vocal with the groove! Voted! Please let me know what you think of my just-released remix of "House of Cards"!

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Audio Aris
Audio Aris1 year ago

This is really good dude. TBH, I just heard some songs here on talent pool and IMAO I don't liked it, but I liked yours.
Keep the nice work dude.

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leunammÆŽ1 year ago

Voted fam! Thanks for the feedback. I loved the vibe on this one!

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Reasone1 year ago

Voted bro!!

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arfaatshaikh5411 year ago

Dude I really love your track and voted! Can u please check one of my track Ampere

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IamJake1 year ago

Nice track bro..
The melody and harmony really fits to the track

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O.C.E.A.N.1 year ago

Nice track,bro. Keep it up! Support and Vote.

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Daddy A-Kicker
Daddy A-Kicker1 year ago

This is a cool track! I had to listen to it a few times, the builds ups are very well put together ear candy.

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