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Mixer Man FT Duplex

Thank you for voting for my new track EDM Punk this is taken off my new album on itunes Hello Terrible due for release on March 8th also thank you to my good friend Duplex for teaming up on this wild track from DJ Mixer Man aka Joe Nolan -- its a blend of chipset, dance, chillout, funk


Master Jay
Master Jay1 year ago

Good track guy, voted !! Please vote back for my last track "sinerise", thanks !! :))

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~K4RMA1 year ago

Thanks for your comment, great track! Fully support

Please check out my newest Bounce project-

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DJ Mixer Man
DJ Mixer Man1 year ago

I will check out your tracks soon after recording today mixerman

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D4VI4N1 year ago

Nice. Voted.
Please listen and leave a comment to my remix Mike Williams & Dastic - You and I(Davian's Remake 3) and i will follow you, like and repost your last track on my 1,2K followers on SoundCloud.
Thank you so much and good luck !

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Albert Musicsketches

Nice! Please listen “I wanna fuck you” from my live act project Musicsketches

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Fraxlexx1 year ago


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Fraxlexx1 year ago

Voted!!!!!! Vote my track please Fraxlexx - Glow Crazy (Original Mix)

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aksunmusic1 year ago

Hey MIXER MAN, great track and I'm a fan of the cool vibes too.

Let's help each other out:

You HAVE my vote. In return, could you vote back for my latest track "BACK TO YOU"? It'd mean the world to me.

Thank you so much already,


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ZIVIO1 year ago

Dear Mate, I have Voted for your track, It has awesome drop and buildup...
I know we all believe in SUPPORT FOR SUPPORT
so please vote back on my track 'High Born'
Thanks in advance :)

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🌊 Will Sea 🌊

great sound. i voted! please listen to my track "All I Do (Westside Bootleg)" vote and comment. it is currently at #11 on the chart and I'd like your help getting into the top 10! :D

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