Dark Horse

Music By Doro

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Loneli8 months ago

Very interesting stuff, you got character, just kinda sameish for a bit too much you should have changed the lead after a few bars so it gives the track some energy. You got my vote tho its a really good track.

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Jack Kelly-Bayliss
Jack Kelly-Bayliss8 months ago

Absolutely smashing track! Please check out my recent remix of "Havana" and vote back! <2

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Bedside Venue
Bedside Venue8 months ago

Ahhh the infamous Skank vocal lol. Yeeeaaahhh you come correct my friend. This is really dope and I'm stoked for you that Spinnin realized what a tasty jam you have here as well. Your low end sound design is on point. Really cool, darker melodies and the reverb on that metallic pluck sits it a bit back in the mix which I like. Gives it a distant feel and some great stereo width. Well done indeed and you def have my support as well. I hope you send this track out to other deep house style youtube channels if spinnin doesn't snag it. Seriously, you have something great here. I'm sure I'll be seeing your name again. Take care, my friend :)

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JayRawri8 months ago

Really love that vocal, its awesome! Got my support!

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thatboyknack8 months ago


Solid and clean mix! Dope job.

- Knack

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JAY J8 months ago

Nice track, good job, voted!

Check out my remix "Closure", make sure to vote!

Much love, thanks!!

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Mechanicorn8 months ago

Hi, Nice track!
I hope you enjoy my new song Worldwide)

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OneAndOnly22068 months ago

hey nice track i voted for you. can you check out my new track come on and vote back thanks

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Lucaj8 months ago

Up to #2! OPA!!! SKANK! Nice bass and bells!!! Check out my remix of Blackstreet and keep it up!

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dj sidechain
dj sidechain8 months ago

voted! vote back my track DANCE! thanks!

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Anvvar Music
Anvvar Music8 months ago

Hey Doro..! It’s Anvvar Here.
I Took A Listen To Your Track, And I Really Enjoyed It!
The Melody Of The Drop Is Really Great And Good Mixing As Well..!
You’ve Definitely Got My Vote..! I Really Loved It!
It Will Be Really Appreciable If You Vote Back For My New Track “Little Janet”, And I Hope You Like It ;)
Anyways, Keep It Up..! Wanted To Hear What’s New From You, So Followed You As Well. :)
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Anvvar Music.

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Nophar8 months ago

Hey Doro! Great track, I think it's pretty original and well mixed! VOTED! Check out my "House of Cards" remix if you don't mind... Thank you!

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Danni Rikochet
Danni Rikochet8 months ago

I really like your Track , if You want to listen My 1st Track “Cant take my Energy” im sure that you Will like it ⚡️⚡️⚡️

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Parallel8 months ago

Dude where can i pay for this and listen to it and Dj it? Get it distributed through tunecore so people can shazam it,little advice dude you got our vote from us,check your XP! If you can check out our new original "Light up the night sky" it would mean the world,our listeners opinions mean more then vote,if you like it please click it. Best of luck to you with the talent pool and with your career- Anthony from Parallel

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theraver16148 months ago

wow amazing track voted, also vote for my track crazy

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Julez Sky
Julez Sky8 months ago

Nice Job Dude voted Would you Please vote back my new Song Fuck the Neighbours

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Another Way to Mars

That's really cool man :)

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Runalo8 months ago

Wow!!! Dope track dude. I really like your concept & sounds. You did it mixing & mastering very well.
Definitely voted ❤❤❤
Keep going up.

Please check out my new Remix of house of cards. I really hope you like it. Must listen. If you like my work please do vote for me🙏

Also follow me on SoundCloud & instagram I'll follow u back for sure
Lets support each other
Good luck 😇..

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Audio Aris
Audio Aris8 months ago

Wow. I really liked it. I agree with the spinnin' records comment. It's a very solid tune. You got my vote.
Also, I invite you to listen to my tracks and vote me if you liked it.

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Dj Normix
Dj Normix8 months ago

voted , please vote back awesome track

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