Psilocybin needs your vote and comment :)


Kyngdom1 year ago


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Limt441 year ago

will is see the old me at you bro you are good and i see that you a calm person in your music loved it and work harder and congrats

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Over The Top
Over The Top1 year ago

Let me know if you ever wanna collab I would love to!!

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Over The Top
Over The Top1 year ago

Voted!! This song is amazing!!!

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The Mu5ical Indus+ry

The song was excellent ... I loved the song. Keep it up and u will be next Kshmr

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MESC´S1 year ago


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AURARO1 year ago

Voted ! Thank You.. All the Best :)

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Oliver Jensen
Oliver Jensen1 year ago

Thanks for the vote. btw i like your psychedelic name ;)

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dj sidechain
dj sidechain1 year ago

psilocybin (you’ve got a cool name by the way).

i listened to your track and i fell in love with your melody.
you also did the mastering very well.

you’ve definitely got my vote bro!!

i would highly appreciate it is you vote back on my newest remix of jay hardway!

i wish you the best, good luck


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RZR1 year ago

Listened!! Great stuff man, hope you get a lot of votes, you have mine! Can you vote for my remix too please?? Thankss in advance :)))))))))

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BLUR4ZZ1 year ago

I like the drop melody!

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Wick Music
Wick Music1 year ago

Hi!!.....listen my remix of House of Cards bro

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Sam van Velzen
Sam van Velzen1 year ago

Hey Psilocybin, Nice remix, voted! Please check out my remix too :)

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MEZ0oR1 year ago

Your breaks sound really geniune, good work man. This chill tropical drop is really cool. Also, your pianos are beautiful but I'd recommend speeding up the tempo a bit during the drop. Voted, hope you'll check my track.

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RaveUp Mixes
RaveUp Mixes1 year ago

Loved it. Thank you for your vote. I love the vibe and the drop is super neat. Definitely a fan :)

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Tharun Hardy
Tharun Hardy1 year ago

amazing remix dudu.....probably best of house of cards>>>>>.u got my vote>>>>please vote back

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Aman Ahlawat
Aman Ahlawat1 year ago

nice song bro voted for u ,check out mine house of cards remix too ,plzz vote

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Lychee™1 year ago

Tropical, Amazing Remix

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ElektroHaze1 year ago


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Amazing track man!
You have my vote ;)
Check please my new track "Mike Williams - Feels Like Yesterday (feat. Robin Valo) (DEANO REMIX)"
Good Luck in chart!

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