Psilocybin needs your vote and comment :)


Nzoh2 years ago

dope remix man !!!! i voted for uu ! pls vote back <3

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Virus3562 years ago

I love this remix, sure vote, if you have time you would hear my remix of feels like yesterday - Mike Williams would appreciate it ;)

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Dante Davis2 years ago

Wow, I really like this. You earned my vote man! Maybe vote back on my latest remix? I know you'll like it

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SunBlock2 years ago

Cool remix bro!! Voted back!! Good Luck

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V&V Music
V&V Music2 years ago

nice work! we would be very grateful if you check out back our remix


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Deathmixers2 years ago


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Malcolm Zeller
Malcolm Zeller2 years ago

Voted! Vote Me?

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psilocybin.tm2 years ago


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.DHARMA.2 years ago

Awesome track dude I vote it

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Dj Matvey
Dj Matvey2 years ago

Excellent track !!! I voted!

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DJ Dwayne
DJ Dwayne2 years ago

Vote now Vote Dj dwayne😃

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Mighty Brothers
Mighty Brothers2 years ago

Voted! nice remix!

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azaandatoomusic2 years ago

Very unique sounds and style, VOTED, if you could check out my remix and let me know what you think that be great :)

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Kozmo2 years ago

Great Remix! Voted. Thank you for your kind words on my track Anubis too!

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thenaturalboss2 years ago

Nice, vote for you

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Kriztan Kay
Kriztan Kay2 years ago

Heey ! Nice remix !
Check out my remix of House of Cards too and If you like it drop a vote too plz 😁

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CHEMITOE2 years ago

Hey if anyone wanst to hear a cool future bass version of Kshmr's House of Cards then head to my profile and vote:)

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DanielXavier2 years ago

Thanks for voting my track i voted !

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Alex Tolpa & Gnatya

Thanks for the voice !!! Voted back
Good luck in creativity) +++

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teodulo2 years ago

Amazing remix bro
Voted for sure
Please check my latest track and tell me what do you think

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Flamehood2 years ago

The drop is emotional though...good work, really does deserve to be #1 in this remix competition. I voted, could you vote for my latest track #RightHere?

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