I am presenting my latest remix of 'House of Cards' by KSHMR and Sidnie Tipton..!! Support it by voting. Your any kind of support would be appreciated..!! For any kind of collab you can message me on Soundcloud or Facebook. Thank You. Follow: Facebook: www.facebook.com/brokenspike91/ SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/brokenspike Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/broken_spike/


CowboyKiller5 months ago

Great track! Voted.

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Yeach1 year ago

voted ! pls check and vote for my last remix !

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Ahsan_Mahmood1 year ago

Good job!
Check out my remix and drop a comment. Vote if you like it.

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Yourskirshan1 year ago

really nice stuff man and i liked the second drop & outro as well , try mine remix as well if you find it worthy upvote it

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w3nco1 year ago

esta cancion se merece mas que el primer puesto toma tu voto men te lo ganaste no olvides votar por mi men

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CharliMusic1 year ago

Wow voted :D awesome track :D
Please vote back to my new track "Euphoria (Drop Edit) Thanks!<3

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Split Origin
Split Origin1 year ago

Hey man nice remix you got man VOTED!!
Please vote for us back!

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AtakanTekinn1 year ago

Jay Hardway - Coffee Please ( Atakan Tekin Remix ) Enjoy Guys :) in the comments that you voted for, I will go back

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TSM1 year ago

Sick drop. I voted

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Sol State
Sol State1 year ago

wow really powerful drop. Nice work.

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No Sleep Club
No Sleep Club1 year ago

nice work! voted back.:)

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DJ Romyo
DJ Romyo1 year ago

Nice remix. Hope you get more likes. You got my vote. Please check my remix also.

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Ludeg1 year ago

Wow, Beatiful Remix

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Dj Beta1 year ago

nice track, i votedplz vote mine also

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incre1 year ago

Hey amazing track. Hope I'll see you on spinning records soon ^^ Would be nice if you'd check my remix too.

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MasKid1 year ago

Yeah,nice remix! Voted 4 u!:D can you vote for me too, please?

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a_musical_SAGA1 year ago

Great remix !!! Please vote for my remix too.

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Gaurav Broducer
Gaurav Broducer1 year ago

Thanks for voting
You will be the winner.

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AUZTN1 year ago

Nice remix!! voted!

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MANEY1 year ago


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