Plesas reposted (Share) my song in SC( I will be grateful ?????? ) d(-_-)b


BrotherCharles11 months ago


Good work! You have my support. Voted!

I like to support those that express creativity and passion. If possible, please check out my track release: "RHYMING SUNSHINE".

I would be delighted to receive your vote of support and/or comment feedback.


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Lello_Oliver1 year ago

Hello Friend.

this and my new release * Face and Neural night ", listen ai ..... vote and leave your message.
We all have goals here, to produce good quality music, different styles, but focuses are the same.
I did not forget you, of course I listened to your music, most voted.
I follow you on the nets.
Thank you and good luck.

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Can Baond Music
Can Baond Music2 years ago


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Hey KLYCHKEY, If you let me know that you voted for my track I'll vote and comment on yours too :) That way I won't just vote for everyone, which would obviously not benefit you

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ZiHjERiUS2 years ago


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IVORY Music2 years ago

you deserve to be the first in the talent pool,great work,voted and supported!
ps nice font in the cover
Hope to see your feedback on my track "Sensational"!!

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Nuuklox☑2 years ago

Wow! your track is amazing appreciate your work , I have voted your track . Try my track and give vote and some feedbacks also follow me on SoundCloud and Talentpool I will follow you back on Soundcloud , Talentpool

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DREEW2 years ago

Nice track, good job, voted!

Check out my remix "Feel Like Yesterday", make sure you vote and comment to see your opinion!

Much love, thanks.😁

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Elizaveta Vladi
Elizaveta Vladi2 years ago

Good track, I vote for you. Maybe you'll vote back for my new single "One Night Stand".

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Snow Shoe
Snow Shoe2 years ago

I really like the drop. So CATCHY!
I voted for you, and I would be grateful if you vote me back :)

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Dalton Dixie
Dalton Dixie2 years ago

I like your track!

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OFFOX2 years ago

Very good track, I congratulate you, and vote for you. I would like to vote for my track "I Like your lips", I would appreciate it too !

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DG_CW2 years ago

Nice work Klychkey!! You have my support

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OFFOX2 years ago

Good job friend, and vote for you, I would love to do the same !!! You have my support

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Ghost Cat
Ghost Cat2 years ago

Amazing remix i love it absolutely voted! hope you can check my remix for mike williams, feels like yesterday! amazing cover btw hahaha

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AtakanTekinn2 years ago

Jay Hardway - Coffee Please ( Atakan Tekin Remix ) Enjoy Guys :) in the comments that you voted for, I will go back

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KVBA Music
KVBA Music2 years ago

Positive vibes detected! Voted!

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DJPALOfficial2 years ago

Bro this track is soo lit. I really like the vibe of it. Can I repost it on my soundcloud?

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LEEROY.2 years ago

like the vibe of your track! It's so original! You got my vote!!
If you could please check out and vote for my new track 'MDNS' I'd greatly appreciate it.

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the_rabbits2 years ago

Voted mate!
Wow, what a track! Fabulous.
If it's not too much to ask for, would you please vote back my track, "Hollow".
I'd really appreciate the effort and love.
Many Thanks! :}

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