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Alcatraz Electro

Love it, voted and followed

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Tim3limit1 year ago

Really cool remix, I love the drop, sounds really cool how you combined the original with this voice and everything! Voted for you, please check my HoC remix as well and vote back (:

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RZR1 year ago

Listened!! Great stuff man, hope you get a lot of votes, you have mine! Can you vote for my remix too please?? Thankss in advance :)))

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Daferra1 year ago

You got my vote! Could you please give my track a vote too? I'd be really thankful !!! : )
(Instagram @daferramusic - I'll follow back)

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Lost Knights
Lost Knights1 year ago

amazing remix. Voted. Please check our remix of House of Cards, thanks!

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UNIX prj.
UNIX prj.1 year ago

Hey bro listen to our remix in style trap-step if you like waiting for support! I voted . 6478

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UNIX prj.
UNIX prj.1 year ago

Hey bro listen to our remix in style trap-step if you like waiting for support! I voted 86

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Dante Davis1 year ago

You KILLED it. Good job, I already voted. What do you think about my latest remix? Check it out and maybe leave your vote?

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psilocybin.tm1 year ago

Voted, wow bro this song was so good,
I loved to feel every moment in it.
You will be the best if you never give up this genre.
That music made me your fan for a while. I just listened it more than 3 times.

Please check my track called "House Of Cards Remix"
I will be so happy if you give your important vote back.
Otherwise just follow soundcloud. I will be so happy
if you give some time for that.:)

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forgivenforget1 year ago

Voted! Great remix :D Check us out and vote back if you can please wow!

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Dante Davis1 year ago

I like what I hear. You have my vote. Maybe vote on my latest remix too? Check it out I won't disappoint you.

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Kriztan Kay
Kriztan Kay1 year ago

Heey ! Nice remix !
Check out my remix of House of Cards too and If you like it drop a vote too plz 😁

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Deathmixers1 year ago

Wow bro Dope track Voted!!! Check your XP)!!!Hey!!! Dude you Are Talented!!!My feedback is 10/10 !!!
Even we wanna collab with u!!! Quality track bro!!! Keep it up!!!

Please bro Vote for my remix "House Of Cards"

We wish to u big succes and inspiring moment's!!!

With love Deathmixers😇

From Seoul!!!

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arMMor1 year ago

Sick song bro! It's so crazy and you have a good mastering. I note that you are making great and strong efforts here and I can easily watch the results on your music!!! I need to tell you that I listen to all tracks that are uploaded here and it's hard to say you do not deserve the top 10 because your sound is so emotional and powerful. Of course you have my vote! If you can, take a couple of minutes and vote my remix of Sam Feldt – Sensational. I would be grateful to you!!! As I told you see you in the Top of spinnin' records! Good luck for your continuation and keep making this kind of songs dude......

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BrokenSpike1 year ago

Nice Work.!Keep it up.!
Voted and Supported.!
Can you plz Vote back my remix of House Of Cards too!!!Thanks.!

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CHEMITOE1 year ago

Hey guys if you want to hear a cool future bass version of Kshmr's House of Cards then head to my profile and vote. Cool track bro voted:))!

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Master Dique
Master Dique1 year ago

Good Work Man I voted for you!
Check out my remix "House of Cards (MD Remix)" and vote me back..!!

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Birdzend1 year ago

It's a good remix, please vote for my remix and I'll vote for yours

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Stemoll1 year ago

Hey guys, it would be awesome if you voted for my House of Cards remix and comment to let me know. I would love to give you vote and feedback too!

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Scream's1 year ago

Hey mate, I voted you, let's support each other and vote me back on my "House Of Cards" remix for the contest please, that will help me a lot! cheers man!

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