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SWIZLØOP1 year ago

voted! great record

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Alpha Instinct
Alpha Instinct2 years ago

gran track sigue asi
te ganaste mi voto

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Stemoll2 years ago

Production sounds great! Nice style!

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J-Rob MD
J-Rob MD2 years ago

Great track John! I definitely voted for you and followed you on soundcloud. I would love a follow back and a vote for my track "Secret Party in My Mind" if you like what I do, thanks!! --- J-rob MD

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FoxFX Music
FoxFX Music2 years ago

Voted for you. Great track! Well done and produced. Very professional sounding. A lot better than a lot of the songs higher in the Talent Pool. Please also vote for my song, "Stay The Night." It's not loud enough. I'm still learning mixing and mastering, but it's a good song, I think. Vote for me if you like it. Also, if you follow me on Soundcloud, I'll follow you back. I always keep my word. Thanks!
FoxFX Music,
Jamie (Fox) Raby

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Yolanda Polanco
Yolanda Polanco2 years ago

great track!

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Lifted Dreams
Lifted Dreams2 years ago

Hey John, this track is awesome, VOTED! Please check out my Remix of "Hotel Room Service", and VOTE if you enjoy! I also follow back on SoundCloud!

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Nico Sánchez
Nico Sánchez2 years ago

Hola JOHN:)) Voted for you!!! Give a vote back for my track La Mierda thanks Nico:))

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SKGN2 years ago

Voted for you. Give a vote back please ?:)

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Derek Dada
Derek Dada2 years ago

Very nice.

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CharliMusic2 years ago

Wow voted :D awesome track :D
Please vote back to my new track "Euphoria (Drop Edit) Thanks!

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L I M E2 years ago

Cool track bro, Really liked it Voted

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Dimelo Yed Official


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John Edrwxen
John Edrwxen2 years ago


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CPSLOCK2 years ago

Hey there! I will 100%ly vote and follow you, if you vote for my track "Backslash"! ~Capslock

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DNVX2 years ago

Nice track! Support my track “turn me on” too and i will vote back! After all we are all here to support eachother! ;)

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Sam Diamond
Sam Diamond2 years ago

Interesting track dude, good job! Come over check out my laters remix and tell me what you think.

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Dualed2 years ago


If you can listen to our track Dualed - New Dance (hold my hands) and VOTE it would be nice.

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spizlet2 years ago

nice job man voted vote mine also if u like it

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Daenschel2 years ago

nice one!

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Nobile G
Nobile G2 years ago

Dope music, voted!

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