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KAW  Music ☑️
KAW Music ☑️7 months ago

nice and catchy, I voted for you!
Pls vote for my new track and comment what you think.

Thank you!

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Flays1 year ago

Did you really win the contest? You have talent, I told you!! Nice track <3

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Kongsil21 year ago

Nice Track! voted back!

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Kainzy192 years ago

dam! this mix is just something

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a_musical_SAGA2 years ago

Congrats on the win!!

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N Effect Music
N Effect Music2 years ago

Congrats on winning the contest!

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yago2 years ago

This should win

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Dino Shadix
Dino Shadix2 years ago

Cool drop! One of my favourites for sure :P

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LAFAYETTE ✪2 years ago

wow tu merite de remporter cette competition Leo !

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Sol State
Sol State2 years ago

These are some impressive melodies! Much love

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Gaurav Broducer
Gaurav Broducer2 years ago

Thanks for voting

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//BVB//2 years ago

Awesome song bro, voted for sure.
Check out my remix too, it won't disappoint you.
Respect. :D

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Sam van Velzen
Sam van Velzen2 years ago

Hey Leo, nice remix, voted! Can you please check out my remix too? :)

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RZR2 years ago

Listened!! Great stuff man, hope you get a lot of votes, you have mine! Can you vote for my remix too please?? Thankss in advance :)

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MEZ0oR2 years ago

Dude you totally made a whole new track out of it, I loved what you did. the drop sounds really professional. Good mixing. Voted, hope you'll check my remix to please, only day left for the contest so let us help each other.

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RyuzakiRama2 years ago

Vote For Vote Back.. Thanks..

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VAZQZ2 years ago

Pretty catchy and summer vibes on this song! Love it, hope you get to the top winners bro! You deserve it! Maybe follow me on my social media and we could collab in a near future? Any way, love it! Have a good one!
- JHSky

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JACO ONYX2 years ago

Sick man! It’s very good man! You got my support, voted!

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UNIX prj.
UNIX prj.2 years ago

Hey bro listen to our remix in style trap-step if you like waiting for support! I voted67

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Lost Knights
Lost Knights2 years ago

Beautiful remix! Voted. Please check our remix of House of Cards, thanks!

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