Hello people, I hope you are well! I am a young person of Colombia, lover of the electronic music that little by little wants to improve in his projects. I would be delighted if you would take a few minutes of your time to listen to my "BERSERKER" theme and give me your opinion about it, Greetings and thanks! →Soundcloud: Soundcloud.com/LostProducer


BROKEN JAX1 year ago

OMG!!!!!!! THAT'S SO HARD, nice track!!!
I see that you worked hard in it and that you got talent.
You deserve a higher rank so I voted your track.

I'd like you to check out my latest track give a vote back.
That would be very helpful.

I hope you have good luck here, see u.

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FIJUNA1 year ago

i just amazing song
i vote your track
keep going man :)

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Jean Luc
Jean Luc1 year ago

Thank you for your comment on my song. I voted for your track. Good luck and have a nice day! :-) .....

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Stemoll1 year ago


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Stemoll1 year ago

Hey guys! It would be cool if you had a listen of my latest remix. In exchange of vote and feedback of course :) :)

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Dax Maxim
Dax Maxim1 year ago

this track lives up to it's name lol :) also take a look at my track "down on my knees" vote if you like it :)

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teddyxl1 year ago

Nice mix!! Great job - would love for you to listen to and vote for my mix - I think you'd like it :)

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shafzz1 year ago

Hey MATE !
First of all Congrats on your new RELEASE !
You definitely have my vote since I can see the effort you have put in making of the beautiful track.
I uploaded a song as well called (CHILL KARO)
It would be great if you could give me your valuable feedback as well.
TC Good Luck !

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SKGN1 year ago

Voted for you. Give a vote back please ? :)

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Derek Dada
Derek Dada1 year ago

Holy fucking shit, almost broke my skull with the headbutting, awesome track bro! I give you 6.66 brutal very nices.

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LAAN1 year ago

Sick track bro, definitely voted! If you want, check my lastest remix of "Invasion" From W&W and vote for it.

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fovetogu881 year ago

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CharliMusic1 year ago

Wow voted :D awesome track :D
Please vote back to my new track "Euphoria (Drop Edit) Thanks!!

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MAHDI1 year ago

good, give the voted back

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iloben1 year ago

Hey Bro I am really liking this sound ,
Got My vote hope you can vote on my track "gone" too!! Good job , send me this to my soundcloud if you want!!

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Jihoru Pinelli
Jihoru Pinelli1 year ago

Saludos compañero
También soy Colombiano
Tu track está de locos, me gusta esa energía
Tienes un voto y un seguidor más, si tienes un poco de tiempo me gustaría que le dieras un vistazo a mi track "In your arms"
Un abrazo y mucha suerte.

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djsoundjackers1 year ago

yeah voted man !!

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DNVX1 year ago

Nice track!!! Vote for my track “turn me on” and i will also support everyone else who votes for it!!!!

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Daniel Bohen
Daniel Bohen1 year ago

Thank you for your vote on my track "The End". Voted back. Good luck.

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Sam Diamond
Sam Diamond1 year ago

Awesome track dude, good job, I like it! Come over check out my laters remix and tell me what you think.

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