Freak parade


This is the sixth track from my album "If you need a show". The whole album you can listen to on my page on the soundcloud


T*O*M*S2 years ago

_HEY !!
Super work fantastik tune🔥 !!
VOTED !!!!!!!!
please vote my new tune :
Annbber & T'O'M'S - Wicked Game

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Scream's2 years ago

Hey mate, I voted you, let's support each other and vote me back on my "House Of Cards" remix for the contest please, that will help me a lot! cheers!

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Dmitrii Stucalschi

I admire this track . Very good work. Beautiful melody. Voted!!!

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Dante Davis2 years ago

Wow, I really like this. You earned my vote man! Maybe vote back on my latest remix? I know you'll like it

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DJ Helix
DJ Helix2 years ago

Great Track ! VOTED Bro! You have my Support Ingvarr Maro!
Could you take a moment to listen my new remix ? It's Important For Me!
"Sam Feldt - Sensational (Helix Remix)"! Thanks!

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Silvius2 years ago

Great track voted !
Please could you listen and vote my last track called "don't be afraid to fall"??
Thanks a lot and good luck man!

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Julyan Jerome
Julyan Jerome2 years ago


Please support me back by listening and voting back for my latest track ´Machine´ (My Profile> Tracks> Machine) and maybe even let me know what you think about it!
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Thank you!

B <3

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KLYCHKEY2 years ago

mazing Track! The is so cool and you have a good mastering that keep all the song a i notice that you put strong effort here and really I can watch the results!! You know, I'm trying to do a review of all the tracks that are uploaded here and is hard listen whole, but I can say It' so emotional and inspirational. You have my vote! If you can, take a couple of minutes and vote by my latest track , contest (((KLYCHKEY - We Want Summer))), I would be grateful with you!! See you in the Top of spinnin' records! Keep making this kind of songs dude???

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BrokenSpike2 years ago

Nice Work.!Keep it up.
Voted and Supported.
Can you plz Vote back my remix of House Of Cards too!!!Thanks..!

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Croby2 years ago

Wow very unique sound!
You have my vote!!
If you have the time please listen to my first track "Turn up the bass"
If you vote for my track I could Support you on soundcloud just reach me on soundcloud message ! ! ! ! !

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JAY J2 years ago

Nice track, good job, voted!

Check out my new song "Can't Hide It", make sure to vote!!

Much love, thanks!

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thegurishow2 years ago

Hey Mate,MARO
Really good music ,
Voted for you ,
Wish you good luck ,
Please check mine remix 'House Of Cards ' & Vote for me .
Thank you

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IИFIИITY2 years ago

Much energy and sexy picture haha, VOTED!
Nice, dark vibes :D VOTED!

Also check out and vote for mine, House of Cards :)


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psilocybin.tm2 years ago

Voted, wow bro this song was so good,
I loved to feel every moment in it.
You will be the best if you never give up this genre.
That music made me your fan for a while. I just listened it more than 3 times.

Please check my track called "House Of Cards Remix"
I will be so happy if you give your important vote back.
Otherwise just follow soundcloud. I will be so happy
if you give some time for that.:-)

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ALgoRHYTHMZ2 years ago


AMAZING TRACK, I like the melody... GOOD WORK!.. VOTED AND SUPPORTED!! I HOPE MY VOTE COULD HELP.. KEEP IT UP!! can you lend me a single minute to check out my new track " ALgoRHYTHMZ - WAR ON DRUMS [ORIGINAL MIX] ".,and ALSO could I REPOST this track on my SOUNDCLOUD? This is such a really nice track that should be recognize.. Just send me a message.. Thanks bro.

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ReyMod.com2 years ago

Good work!, vote!, you can vote me, if you like it. Thank you bro! and I invite you to follow me on twitter @reymod77

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chumash_official2 years ago

Sick track buddy! Would be nice if you check out my latest track "Let me go!" Maybe we can work together in the future:)

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LAFAYETTE ✪2 years ago

Awesome stuff NGVARR MARO ! 🔥
Also, that's quite an original name !
You definitely got my vote !
Could you please vote back for my new track Wuhan ?
Thank you so much!
You'll get to the top 10 for sure !
I'm currently on spot number 3 and hope to see you join me soon !

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NONAMEMUSIC2 years ago

Pls help me voting back my new track make me be!

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Kiroko2 years ago

hey ingvarr, nice track 🔥💯 i like the melody and the vibe and i think this deserves a higher rank! you have my vote 👏🏼 by the way i also posted a track, would be happy if you could listen to it :3

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