Huge track made for festivals.


ØNE7 months ago

Nice track! Awesome sound!
Voted. Vote back on my track "I'm Feelin'"
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Thank you and good luck!


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Kieren Lomas
Kieren Lomas7 months ago

such feels!

I'd be very grateful if you checked out my track "ESRR" and vote if you like it!

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N Effect aka Doro
N Effect aka Doro7 months ago

Dropped some new music and also some more new music will be dropping soon.
Not asking you for a vote cause I have not track to vote for at this time.
However, I am leaving you a vote to show some support.
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I will provide it if needed.
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Thank you!!!!!!!!

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Angelo Pic 2
Angelo Pic 27 months ago

Awesome stuff ! 🔥
You definitely got my vote !!!!!!!!!
Could you please vote back for my new track Nightmare ?
Thank you so much!

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Fruit And Nothing More

Check my track "Hero Boy")))

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Paidiii7 months ago

Hey there, SKGN! Amazing stuff! :') Ofcourse, the least I could do is VOTE! :D Could you please listen to my track "Good Times" and vote? I'd appreciate that! Good luck! :)

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DeranX7 months ago

Hey SKGN! I just finished listening to your track and all I can say is that it is really good. There are some elements in here where I can hear your are working on developing your own sound. Keep heading in that direction, you definitely have my vote!

I hope you can take the time and vote back for my newest track "Whistle" and leave me some feedback. It would be greatly appreciated.

If you ever need support in the future with a vote, follow me on SoundCloud and message me. I will follow back for support. You can also send me some of your work through SoundCloud and I will take a listen to it and provide you with some feedback or comments. It may take some time because I get a lot of music sent to me but I will get back to you. Look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you and Good Luck!!

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ReyMod7 months ago

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ope67 months ago

voted nice track you can vote my track is called shot,,,..

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No Troublxs
No Troublxs7 months ago

YEAH! What a track.
Definitely Voted.
Please, check my last track called "Good Vibes" and Vote if you like it! Cheers!

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Juancruzcolavita7 months ago

Dope! Voted! Please vote my last track!!

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Riho7 months ago

beautiful sounds!! I like it!!

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Steve Gamarra
Steve Gamarra7 months ago


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Skull Bashers Music

Voted and supported brother vote back our track pyramid too

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Smithymusic7 months ago

Hi! Nice Track with good vibes and melodies! I Voted for you!
Would be cool if you also take a listen to my new track "Snakes" and vote back.
Thank You and good luck!

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SERGIOLO7 months ago

Amazing!!! Go through my profile and if you like my music, vote for my last song <3

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AtakanTekin7 months ago

Sam Feldt & Möwe - Down For Anything ( feat. KARRA ) ( AtakanTekin Remix ) do not forget to vote guys :) enjoy

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Spaceman077 months ago

love the vibe!!! can you give a look at my track Saturn if you like it vote and leave a feedback it would be really appreciated.

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Aison7 months ago

Please do vote for my track "greatest"

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KYRA97 months ago

Nice track man,
Check out my REMIX Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis.....

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