Collab with Moortje & Semson


Leroy XY
Leroy XY4 years ago

Wow! Best track i've heard so far!! Arrangement is good and I love the part at about 1:26. Good to find a quality track here.. Well done and keep up the good work! You have my vote buddy! If you can vote for my remix too that would be awesome bro! Best of luck to both of us!  JAMMU (Leroy XY Remix)

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Peter Ivan
Peter Ivan4 years ago

Voted! Please have a listen to my latest track TeraWave and let me know what you think. Feel free to message me on soundcloud if you want me to return the favor or just keep in touch.  TeraWave Thank you!

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HERINGER4 years ago

Voted! Please vote back on my Jammu remix  JAMMU (CHG Remix)

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