hello friends, this is my contribution to the remix contest on spinninrecords, I think that's a cover version rather than a remix because I've designed everything except the vocal parts. I hope you like him, Love and Peace rougdrag

olliedtsmith7 months ago

nice remix, was hoping you could vote for mine, then ill vote for you ;)

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Vins Catania
Vins Catania7 months ago

Hi man good mix, i voted for you. If you want to hear my remix of Jay Hardway - Coffee Please then head to my profile and please vote for my remix

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Snow Shoe
Snow Shoe7 months ago

What is your soundcloud? I want to hear more tracks from you in the future!
I voted for you, and I would be grateful if you vote me back :)

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Elizaveta Vladi
Elizaveta Vladi7 months ago

Good remix, I vote for you. Maybe you'll vote back for my new single "One Night Stand". Follow me on SoundCloud, and I'll follow you!

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XZXMusic7 months ago

We really like this track! Very interesting! We voted for you!

If you could vote for us too that would be awesome!

-XZX Music

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Nils Sifrin
Nils Sifrin7 months ago

Vote ist raus. Klingt super!

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Rosedown Prescott
Rosedown Prescott7 months ago

Voted for this nice one !!! Check my remix of “When I Grow Up” by The Beach Boys and vote if you like too please :).

Score: 1
Birdzend7 months ago

It's a good remix, please vote for my remix to zonderling and I'll vote for yours👍👍

Score: 1
SKGN7 months ago

Voted for you. Give a vote back please? :)

Score: 1
Sander Matell
Sander Matell8 months ago

Hey! Saw some of your comments on other tracks. Looks like you are one of the rare ones actually giving constructive feedback :) If you have the time I would appreciate if you could listen to my latest track "One More" and write me your honest thoughts. Feel free to leave a vote if you like the track :) Also, I enjoyed listening to your track, So you've got my vote. Thanks and good luck!

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bassicofficial8 months ago

Hey! Really love this remix, you made a very unqiue version :) Definitly got my vote, would be super cool if you could give a vote back!

Score: 1
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Dante Davis8 months ago

You nailed it. Good job, I already voted. What do you think about my latest remix? Check it out and maybe leave your vote?

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shafzz8 months ago

Hey MAN !
First of all congrats on your new REMIX !
You have my sincere Vote....
I uploaded a track as well (ALCHEMY)
It would be so generous if you could take a listen and give me some feedback :)
Thanks ! looking forward to see your response...

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arMMor8 months ago

Sick song bro! It's so crazy and you have a good mastering. I note that you are making great and strong efforts here and I can easily watch the results on your music!!! I need to tell you that I listen to all tracks that are uploaded here and it's hard to say you do not deserve the top 10 because your sound is so emotional and powerful. Of course, you have my vote! If you can, take a couple of minutes and vote my remix of Sam Feldt – Sensational. I would be grateful to you!!! As I told you see you in the Top of spinnin' records! Good luck for your continuation and keep making this kind of songs dude........``

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CASEMI8 months ago

Hi bro, We meet again!

ou mai gad¡¡¡
omg!! nicely mixed

VOTED!! and supported !! good luck!!

Score: 1