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the Voyager
the Voyager2 years ago

Hey! I really like the vibe of your track! It's so original! You got my vote!!

If you could please check out and vote for my new track โ€˜Legendsโ€™ I'd greatly appreciate it.

Also, if you follow me on SoundCloud, Iโ€™ll return the favor! :)

GOOD JOB ! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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T*O*M*S2 years ago

(HEY !
Super work fantastik tune๐Ÿ”ฅ !!
VOTED !!!!!!!!
please vote my new tune :
Annbber & T'O'M'S - Wicked Game

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Awesome stuff EVOL DECAY ! ๐Ÿ”ฅ
Also, that's quite an original name !
You definitely got my vote !
Could you please vote back for my new track Wuhan ?
Thank you so much!
You'll get to the top 10 for sure !
I'm currently on spot number 6 and hope to see you join me soon !

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Orchester2 years ago

this is cool evol. Please can you drop download link on my reply (if you want). voted by the way, and please can you vote my latest track "livin the life" which also has an official youtube video link on my spinnin page. it will really mean the world to me. good luck

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JAY J2 years ago

Nice track, good job, voted!

Check out my remix "Closure", make sure to vote!

Much love, thanks!

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Sxul2 years ago

Keep it up , its fine but try to improve every sound , but i voted and followed! Wish you the best!

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chumash_official2 years ago

Really good Track! Voted! You deserve a high rank! Would be nice if you check out my latest release "Let me go"!
Maybe we can collab in the future because you are a talented guy! To stay in contact with me just follow my socials! ;)

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mueenmusix2 years ago

Good Work Man You've got vote from me..Good Luck!

Hope you'll check out my new track "We're bad guy" and vote me back..!!

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Trauv2 years ago

Hey mate
Your track is awesome!
I really liked it and I voted for it :D
Please check out my remix of Jay Hardway's 'Coffee House' and Please do vote.

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Lusitany2 years ago

Awesome track! I like it very much! Very original.
Great fun listening to this track! It looks well blended and produced. Feeling nice. Maybe I'll play this music at the disco.
I voted for your track because I loved it and who knows maybe you will get TOP of Spinnin !!
You definitely have a lot of ability to produce music. Congratulations!
I try very hard to vote n 'support at all, and if you have a few minutes to enter my profile and vote for my track "In The Party" and let me know what you think about it and this It would also be awesome! You can also follow me on SoundCloud and I'll follow up for continued support.
See me on YouTube and subscribe there if you want, because I'm about to release more original songs whith nice videoclips.
Good luck.

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Evol. Decay
Evol. Decay2 years ago

im posting it on itunes and amazo music and other places if you want it ill keep you post it in soundcloud lol

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CRMN2 years ago

Great track! I vote for you! Could you vote back for my new track "Memories"?
I Worked so hard for it ! Follow me on SoundCloud, and I'll follow you!
-CRMN :)

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iWip2 years ago

Hey Evol Decay, cool sound, keep it up bro!
I Voted it. If you like please vote for my track "Antidote" too. Thanks man!
Good Luck for the future!

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Dmitrii Stucalschi

I admire this track. Very good work. Beautiful melody. Voted!!

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arMMor2 years ago

Sick song bro! It's so crazy and you have a good mastering. I note that you are making great and strong efforts here and I can easily watch the results on your music!!! I need to tell you that I listen to all tracks that are uploaded here and it's hard to say you do not deserve the top 10 because your sound is so emotional and powerful. Of course, you have my vote! If you can, take a couple of minutes and vote my remix of Sam Feldt โ€“ Sensational. I would be grateful to you!!! As I told you see you in the Top of spinnin' records! Good luck for your continuation and keep making this kind of songs dude........,,,,

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CASEMI2 years ago

HI bro, Long time no see!

that was fucking awsome

VOTED!! and supported !!
I hope you can vote back my last track, good luck!!

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Evol. Decay
Evol. Decay2 years ago

who are you again??

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Shazly ( AS )
Shazly ( AS )2 years ago

Nice. VOTED.,
Please vote and leave a comment to my "My Love [OUT NOW] (Original Mix)"
and i will fallow you, like and repost your track on my 1K followers on SoundCloud....

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PROJECT ARJK2 years ago

Very nice and high quality track !!! VOTED!!! Please Vote for my new tack "That`s live"! Thank you and good luck in the Charts !

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Evol. Decay
Evol. Decay2 years ago

i dont rely in luck when everyones is begging for votes in here to get to the top my friend but appreciate you following me ill do as well for that

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Birdzend2 years ago

It's a good track, please vote for my remix to zonderling and I'll vote for yours

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ReyMod.com2 years ago

Good work!, vote!, and if you like my track then vote and I invite you to follow me on twitter @reymod77

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