Groovy, funky house track with a moody vocal.


svnd2 years ago

Nice Track!!
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Annihilation2 years ago

Voted! Nice track you got here. Really good sound design and mastering. Hope you get what you earn for the hard work :D Could you please vote back for my new Track "Daydream".

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HISO2 years ago

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RyanLey2 years ago

guns and bombs is lit! :) tnh i love that name man!! good track

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SYNTHOLOGY2 years ago

"Guns and Bombs" is very nice!
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NemesisOFCL2 years ago

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Bold662 years ago

Really nice bro, you have my vote. Can you vote me back for my remix of Dawn for Anything by sam Feldt. Thanks bro and good job

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Toni Hullzer
Toni Hullzer2 years ago

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DXO2 years ago

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LO-KOST2 years ago

Nice track!
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D3AD_M0Ji2 years ago

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N Effect Music
N Effect Music2 years ago

Nice drums on this one, good choice of melody, definitely a nice idea. You got my vote for sure. I always leave a vote before asking for one so if you can please vote back for my track “LOVIN’” it would be greatly appreciated. You can follow me on Sound Cloud and Twitter and if you ever need real honest feedback on any of your music in the future, send it to me through Sound Cloud. I do reviews for all my supporters and followers as a thank you for them supporting me. Maybe you don’t want feedback and just need a like or a comment or a vote in the future for an entry in the Talent Pool, I will do that for you also. Hope to hear from you soon, thank you!!!!

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Eppers2 years ago

wow would buy that!

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Durty2 years ago

Thank you!

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Kieren Lomas
Kieren Lomas2 years ago

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Dextro Ampulse
Dextro Ampulse2 years ago

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RebailAlavi2 years ago

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M.X2 years ago

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DJAnonymousBoi2 years ago

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Durty2 years ago

Thank you, and I did!

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L2L Sounds
L2L Sounds2 years ago

I really liked your track The Dust! Voted!!!!!

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Birdzend2 years ago

It's a good track, please vote for my remix to Mercer and I'll vote for yours.👍👍

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